Not only materials, food or fabrics are recycled these days but ‘old’ and unused buildings as well.

We live in a world with masses of waste.. We all know recycling is a thing and if you’re a good human being, you at least try to help the world a bit and recycle your plastics etc. BUT recycling has been taking to a whole other level the past few months I could say. During my internship there was a feature about The Olympic Tower in London, specially built for the Olympic Games, has now become a slide. Seriously HOW RAD IS THAT? At least, for all our dare devils out there.

My point is, whilst trying not to get too excited, there are so many different ways of reusing things, materials, products, clothing (!!) and buildings. Another option is tearing all the unused buildings down, but where’s the fun in that when you can create a mega slide? Projects like these have a massive future growth potential because improving the environment and creating a better world are one of the most important tasks that humans have to deal with for eternity.

Humans are not the best creatures in bettering the world lately, but with these innovations and initiatives we can all create a better earth to live our lovely lives on.



The Fashion Library

Good afternoon everyone!

Todays post is about shopping, but not just shopping, shopping at a fashion library established in Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands. This fashion library, named LENA is initated by Doortje Vintage. It’s an endless clothing closet for the openminded and fashionable woman. LENA offers a divers collection, quality, style and re-use are the most important to LENA.

Don't forget to check out their website!

Don’t forget to check out their website!

What do you have to do?
You need to have an subscription to rent clothing at LENA the fashion library to start renting your lovely pieces. Each subscription has its renting limit, the higher your subscription the more clothes you can rent. You can change the clothes you rent as many times as you like as long it connects with your subscription. This is great right?!

Try before you buy
Try out ‘Try before you buy’, rent pieces of clothing, wear them as much as you like and love them. If it fits perfectly and it’s a piece of clothing you’ve always wanted, you are able to buy them. Because of the subscription to LENA the fashion library you’ll get a discount on the pieces you’d like to buy after you’ve tried them out. Amazing isn’t it?!

Sustainability crossed my mind immediately when the photographer from Doortje Vintage told my about this concept. Sustainability is important to me and I hope to the rest of the world. Sustainability started of a couple years a go as a really cool subject and the initiatives were amazing but it went a bit downhill. The way it’s presented to the world these days is a bit lame if you ask me. LENA the fashion library is a refreshing way of sustainability in the fashion world.

Doortje Vintage in Eindhoven - The Netherlands. Make sure to check out their website if you like vintage!

Doortje Vintage in Eindhoven – The Netherlands. Make sure to check out their website if you like vintage!

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