So… There is something I want to write about because everybody, including me obviously has an opinion about this. For this feature, I called it the Jennerartion, why? First of all, because I like puns and this is sort off a pun! Secondly, the internet, especially the social media platforms, keep blowing up about this family, what they are doing and every-thing around them.

The internet, social media platforms, are evolving as a perfection industry and I think it’s getting out of hand. Obvs, we couldn’t think about a world without social media and sure thing it has positive influences as well. This generation, children and teenagers nowadays, make me worry sometimes. Of course you can have a WII if you’re three or play games on the iPad just before going to sleep as a five year old while, I always enjoyed my mums voice telling me a bedtime story when I was that age.

I guess it’s hard to adjust to the new developments and changes in the world every now and than. It’s completely normal even though I couldn’t imagine a world without my iPhone and other electronic toys. But it doesn’t take away the fact that quite some time these devices and social platforms are abused and misused. Take Kylie Jenner, she is 19(?) years old and she has a crazy amount of influence on the world, especially younger girls. We shouldn’t forget that most images of her you see on the social media platforms are Photoshoped. This leads to, too many girls and boys suffering from insecurity issues.

I believe the people on this planet, especially the younger generation, shouldn’t forget what is real and what isn’t. The world is focussing on the bad beauty influences too much.


Changing Industry

Hello lovely readers,

A few weeks ago I watched RTL Late Night, a dutch TV talkshow, Negin Mirsalehi was a guest during the show. Negin Mirsalehi is a really successful and my personal inspiration. If you don’t know her, Negin is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. I insert her website here , make sure you’ll give it a look. During the episode of RTL Late Night Humberto Tan asked Negin about the fashion industry and fashion shows. The discussion proceeded about upcoming fashion shows and bloggers on social media. His question was: What are the original fashion shows’ future going to be like? Will social media put an end to them or not? I found this conversation really interesting because it’s true, bloggers become more popular everyday. But personally I think the authentic fashion shows won’t disappear, every fashion lover loves them!

Humberto said as final conclusion: The authentic fashion show remains existing but social media is a competitor.

Negin Mirsalehi

Negin Mirsalehi

Fashion shows are a way of expressing who you are as a designer. The guests as well, you want a certain audience to come to your show. The way they dress and look is important too. Besides, most of the fashion shows carries a hidden message during the show. A message to the world, people, government or community. Chanel’s fashion shows for example, Karl Lagerfeld wants to give people something to think about every time.

Chanel - spring/summer 2015

Chanel – spring/summer 2015

Bloggers have a big influence in this society these days, everybody reads their blogs. There are bloggers in different shapes and sizes, writing about different industries and interests. Some of them have more influences on readers about for example, make-up and styling, than actual make-up artists or professional stylists. Which is a striking signal. The offline world keeps getting more popular everyday. I love bloggers but I also love authentic fashion shows, I visited a few fashion shows at the Mercedes-Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week this year and it was amazing. I hope I’ll visit international fashion weeks one day!

Thanks for reading and I’ll keep you posted!