‘We believe that digital content and technology products are made better when they are informed by human emotions.’ I quote Affectiva, a company that started using human emotions to create better technological products. The future of mood-altering technology is here and it is evolving quickly. Big companies and brands are massively experimenting with this development because it could be a complete breakthrough for advertising and marketing.

This could be used for example to give food recommendations, suggesting chocolate to cheer you up or a banana to give you energy. Next time you walk past a billboard, pay a little more attention because maybe it will transform into a more cheerful advertisement using brighter colours. This could be reacting in reality to your facial expression.

What happens is that brands use human face expressions, recognition and emotions, for example real life emojis, just wink to your phone’s front camera or blow a kiss and the emoji will appear in your conversation. David Hedberg exhibited Smile TV, a television that switches on only when you smile; to watch a full episode of your favourite show, you must maintain a grin. Designer Talia Radford has created a camera that is activated by a kiss; turning emotion into an interface, and making the “likes” on Instagram and Facebook far more literal.

Developers think digital content and technological products will be better when we use this development. Human beings express there feelings all the time in many different ways and some people are scared to become slaves of the technology because it evolves so quickly. Therefor it has future growth potential and this might be the next generation of wearable technology.