We can all see it evolving around us and we do, the healthstyle. We can’t deny the fact that the healthstyle is trying to conquer the world with healthy replacements for food, products and lifestyle. It’s a strong signal, which keeps evolving all over the world. It has future growth potential because we need to start saving our earth and fighting against overweight and it will have a positive influence on people’s quality of life.

As I mentioned this trend covers a diverse range of lifestyle sectors, it is not just about food and healthy eating. Healthstyle has the world ‘health’ and ‘style’ in it, which refers to a healthy lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle is extremly important because the environment is suffering. The healthy replacements better people’s quality of life and the ones from our grand grand grandchildren in the far future.

Healthstyle covers healthy alternatives instead of your daily chemical unhealthy snacks, it allows you to keep moving during the day even though you’re job is in an office the whole day and a whole lot of other things. We can’t deny the fact that we live in a society where the pressure of being healthy and ecologically aware of your environment is amazingly high and still growing.

Take for example the ‘Mashbar’, they serve the healthy, non-dairy version of a sunday bar in NYC’s Hu Kitchen. It seems so simple, but can we break the unhealthy habits and trying the Healthstyle massively if we try the healthy replacements.


How to survive Fashion week

Hello there lovely readers,

This post is for all the fashion lovers out there, because today I am writing to you about ‘how to survive Fashion week’. In this post you will read tips and tricks and my personal experiences during Fashion weeks. I hope this post will be helpful for some of you who are planning to attend a Fashion week and for the rest of you just for fun to read.

Firstly, what you don’t want to forget during Fashion week is a camera. You may not be one of the photographers in the press box at the end of a runway. But, you will be able to make some beautiful shots during shows from where you are sitting.

If you don’t have very nice seats, if you’re seated higher up for example, try to sit on the outside next to some stairs so you can climb down with your camera to shot some photos.

Also, there are interesting people walking around everywhere. This is the perfect opportunity to gain some style inspiration.

Are you planning on wearing heels? Think twice… Of course you should wear heels! But, if you’re not one of the influencers and you’re not picked up by a taxi and brought home by a taxi, I recommend bringing some flats or sneakers. Unless you’re a pro obviously.

Furthermore, don’t bring along all your possessions! Most of the time there are cloakrooms, in the Netherlands at least. But it’s crowdie; everyone is trying to find their receipts. There are always those persons who received there coats and bags but just LOVE to stand in your way.

There are three types (probably more) of people at Fashion week. Firstly the ones who are sitting front row at every show and you probably have seen all over the Internet or in magazines. The influencers and famous people, who are important for designers and publicity. Second, the extravagant group of human beings who try to be important but really, they are just trying too hard and yes everybody notices them, it’s kind of hard not to see them and these persons just want to be interesting and looked at.

And thirdly, ‘normal’ stylish people, probably you and me. They are dressed properly in clothes they find comfortable and Fashion week worthy and are actually at Fashion week with a purpose. Either for doing research and analysing the show, or photographing shows, street style etc.

So everything summed up:

  • Bring your camera (if you have one)!
  • Bring some extra flat shoes if you have to travel I bit further, or by bus and train.
  • Don’t bring too much of your possessions, so wear a lighter coat and bring a smaller bag or clutch where you can also fit your belongings in.
  • Keep your eyes open for all the interesting styles you see, for your own inspiration.
  • Don’t be scared to introduce yourself to people you see at Fashion week. You don’t have anything to lose. Try to talk to people you can have benefits from later on.
  • Don’t be caught of guard by all the impressions you’ll have, because your first time, there are a lot!
  • Wear clothes YOU feel comfortable in! This is so important; you don’t want to feel uncomfortable and insecure.

Thank you for reading and till next time!




The following post is written on January 26th, 2015. I wrote this post with a fellow student for our website . This post is about a downtown event during the Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week January 2015.

Local goods and fashion, a nice combination on a Sunday afternoon. Walk around ‘De Hallen’ and you will see an amount of stands with fashion, jewellery and beauty products. But these products are not just regular products, you won’t find anything ordinary on this market. Every product, every label has a story waiting and wanting to be told. Vintage, homemade, organic, you name it. Every story is different but equally inspiring.


What we thought was most inspiring, was the ‘young designers’ area. A number of young individuals showed their designs and visions. Visions on design as well as their vision on life and how to live it; your way. Don’t worry about opinions or standards, dare to be different and ‘It’s ok to be fake’ . Also, the importance and inspiration of different cultures was shown, open up and see the world through different eyes. Be an individual and let the rest be individuals as well!


Judith van Vliet, a young fashion designer with a great passion for fashion. Judith showed pieces of her latest collection during the local goods market fashion edition. Her collection was made in collaboration with Chris van den Elzen. Chris designed the shoes, which are 3D printed. The clothes are inspired on decayed buildings, turning into pieces of stone covered in flowers, moss and plants. She finds the contradiction between organic things and architecture interesting, organic versus technology. Everything Judith designs is handmade and she does everything herself.

We’ve seen a lot of young designers who follow their dreams, create unique designs while being aware of sustainability.


Photos taken by me.


The following post is written on January 24th, 2015. I wrote this post with a fellow student for our website . This post is about streetstyle during the events at the Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week January 2015.

Oliver Gonzalez ‘’I bought my clothes in Denmark but I currently live in The Netherlands. I never check if my outfit fits, I just wear whatever I want. In my private life I love to work as a DJ. I just dress to the occasion, so there’s not really something that gives me inspiration.’’

Oliver Gonzalez

Rolf Kok ‘’My boyfriend is a digital art designer so the sweater I’m wearing is Art and Fashion combined. I normally dress the way I feels, but I do sometimes combine my outfit with my boyfriend. Fashion makes me very happy so that’s what I want to show the world.. I find it very funny to see that people dress their age, but I don’t want that. I want to dress the way I feel.’’

Rolf Kok

Vancha ‘’I like to dress the way I feel and that is how I want to present myself. I get inspiration mostly from the streets and Instagram. I don’t particularly look at signs I just see something when it looks good and that’s what I think is cool. I mostly wear black but only black can be boring sometimes, so I add something just like this sweater.’’


Theun ‘I love the darkness and don’t show my feelings, so black is my favourite colour.
Because black is my colour, I wear it everyday and combine it with everything minimalistic. I normally choose one piece and from there I style the rest. Swedish bloggers are my inspiration.’


Photos taken by me.


The following post is written on January 27th, 2015. I wrote this post by myself for our website . This post is about fashion & society.

Today we have read an article about the differences between the menswear fashion weeks and the women wear fashion weeks. Apparently there are a lot of questions about the amount of people who come to the shows and also how many celebrities show up. Did you even know menswear fashion weeks existed? Well, they do.

The fashion weeks are coming to an end this edition. Thanks to, for instance Rick Owens; the menswear fashion week in Paris got a big boost and also more knowledge because of his peepholes. Men fashion is relatively less familiar than women’s fashion, but why? Is it because men are less interested in fashion? Mostly when people hear the word fashion, they think about women’s clothing, but the men do matter. 


Here at the Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week we noticed that the amount of menswear shows are few. Besides, the men collections are shown in the smaller spaces at the Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week. Most people are invited to the women’s collections where mostly women do show up. Men who come to the fashion shows are mostly androgynous; they wear heels, make-up and have long hair. 


Something that can be said about this remarkable fact is that the female collections are responsible for the biggest part of the turnovers the fashion brands depend on. So this is why the female collections get more attention and why they can be marked as ‘more important’- it’s a pure financial matter.

So the last question we ask you, what is really the intention of fashion weeks? Money, fame and attention or showing the real magnificent talents of designers?


The following post is written on January 27th, 2014. I wrote this with a fellow student for our website .

Today we went out for a walk into the city of Amsterdam, searching for people wearing an interesting outfit. It is finally getting colder in the Netherlands so we were really curious about the way men and women are dressing themselves these days. Will the colder weather affect their style? First we visited the Westergasterrein and next we visited the Haarlemmerplein to find out.


The first girl we noticed was walking down the Westergasterrein, she was wearing a really oversized printed coat and she was carrying a big camera with her. But the rest of her outfit was black, we asked her about the reason why.

“I always go for something comfortable to wear and it has to be black most of the time. I like black because I can match my bright lipstick with everything that I’m wearing. My signature is high waisted jeans en skirts. The coat I’m wearing is from a second hand shop.”


We spotted this young lady walking the streets with her friend, one thing that immediately caught our eye was her warm coloured yellow skirt.

“I love different kind of fabrics and textures, I like how they feel. My outfit has to be warm and comfortable. The colours of the outfit I’m wearing are bright but natural. Almost everything I’m wearing is vintage and second hand.”


When we continued our walk down the streets we spotted another fabulous lady. She was wearing all black and it looked like her clothes where draped around her body.

“Black would be my favourite colour in the world. It looks good on every occasion.
I think it’s important to look good, but above all my clothes have to feel comfortable. This type of weather is perfect to layer different items on your body. Beside the warmth of it, you can also add your own personal twist to it.”


This boy passed us and we asked him immediately if we could take a picture of his outfit. He was dressed in a complete black outfit. He draped his large collar around is head.

“Whenever I go out, I always wear black. It makes me feel safe and comfortable. I do wear colour but it’s occasionally, it will never be very bright.”

These people had a lot in common. They can definitely survive this winter, they find it very important that their outfit looks beautiful but it must fit and feel comfortable! Because these outfits consist of many different layers, it’s nice and warm. In addition they wear clothing made from soft and warm materials. We’ve asked ourselves a question in the beginning, ‘Will the colder weather affect their style?’ Well the answer is yes, but in a positive way. Oversized coats and scarves are really popular this season we see it everywhere. The clothing is made from soft and warm fabrics and almost everyone wears layers.

Changing Industry

Hello lovely readers,

A few weeks ago I watched RTL Late Night, a dutch TV talkshow, Negin Mirsalehi was a guest during the show. Negin Mirsalehi is a really successful and my personal inspiration. If you don’t know her, Negin is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. I insert her website here , make sure you’ll give it a look. During the episode of RTL Late Night Humberto Tan asked Negin about the fashion industry and fashion shows. The discussion proceeded about upcoming fashion shows and bloggers on social media. His question was: What are the original fashion shows’ future going to be like? Will social media put an end to them or not? I found this conversation really interesting because it’s true, bloggers become more popular everyday. But personally I think the authentic fashion shows won’t disappear, every fashion lover loves them!

Humberto said as final conclusion: The authentic fashion show remains existing but social media is a competitor.

Negin Mirsalehi

Negin Mirsalehi

Fashion shows are a way of expressing who you are as a designer. The guests as well, you want a certain audience to come to your show. The way they dress and look is important too. Besides, most of the fashion shows carries a hidden message during the show. A message to the world, people, government or community. Chanel’s fashion shows for example, Karl Lagerfeld wants to give people something to think about every time.

Chanel - spring/summer 2015

Chanel – spring/summer 2015

Bloggers have a big influence in this society these days, everybody reads their blogs. There are bloggers in different shapes and sizes, writing about different industries and interests. Some of them have more influences on readers about for example, make-up and styling, than actual make-up artists or professional stylists. Which is a striking signal. The offline world keeps getting more popular everyday. I love bloggers but I also love authentic fashion shows, I visited a few fashion shows at the Mercedes-Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week this year and it was amazing. I hope I’ll visit international fashion weeks one day!

Thanks for reading and I’ll keep you posted!

Create a healthy environment by buying a bike

Hi there,

There are different aspects needed to improve a healthy sustainable environment. The way we transport ourselves is one of those aspects. I found many different bikes that contribute to a better environment. But bikes are not the only way to transport yourself without sending bad emissions into the air. I discover more and more electric cars every day and that’s a good thing. These signals are evolving themselves.

I see a future full of different bikes and other transportation ways that have a good influence on the environment. For example: E-bikes as well as bikes where you can charge your phone while you’re cycling, but also electric cars and electric busses with little gardens on top of the roof. These means of transport have no bad emissions; this will lead to a cleaner air and a healthier earth.

What is it?
The bamboo bikes made and designed by Blackstar are a new sustainable way to move you around and through the city. Blackstar is in co-creation with Ghana. This product is Fair-trade and transparent.

Bamboo bike frame

Bamboo bike frame

Why is it cool?
This bamboo bike is cool because it’s made of bamboo. And bamboo grows back again after they cut the trees. This makes bamboo sustainable. This product is also cool because the locals in Ghana are helping out, which means their life improves.

Why does it have future growth potential?
The bike’s frame is made of bamboo; this is better for the environment than regular bikes. When more and more people start using these bikes, fewer cars will be needed. This improves the air we have to inhale and exhale.

Quality of Life
You not only cycle on a beautiful cool bike made of a sustainable product, you also help the local people in Ghana. Buying a bamboo Blackstar bike has influence on the material wellbeing of people because they bought something new and that makes them happy. It has also a big influence on the social and emotional wellbeing because of buying this bike; people support the locals in Ghana. This will lead to satisfaction.

Cork your home


It becomes more popular these days, homemade or restyled furniture. But also organic furniture and furniture or houses made of sustainable materials. But why is this happening these days?

We become more aware of the nature around us, sustainability is a priority these days and very popular in- and outside. Besides all the urban farms, the interior world changed as well. Homemade/restyled furniture and organic furniture are fun to make, you can do it with your neighbor. There are also lots of workshops popping up; “Restyle your old furniture, make it fun”.

Cork wall

Cork wall

What is it?
Cork is a sustainable product. It comes from the bark of trees. Cork is usable for many different furniture and accessories in your interior. But what makes Cork so sustainable? There are different reasons why. I will tell you these reasons in the next paragraph.

Why is it cool?
The cool part about Cork is the part where they cut the bark of the trees. The bark grows back. So we don’t have to cut the trees, we just have to shave them. Which means that we can use the tree several times. This is better for the environment.

Another thing about Cork is the possibility to recycle it and use it over and over again for different things. If you’re getting bored with your chair made of cork, just recycle it and design your own cork table or even a wall made of cork.

Why does it have future growth potential?
So I told you the facts around the sustainable aspects of Cork. Using more Cork as furniture and accessories will help the world to safe trees and keep the environment intact.

Kitchen Cork

Kitchen Cork

Quality of Life
Organic furniture and furniture made of sustainable materials (for example: cork) will give people a great feeling, a feeling of satisfaction. Why? Because they are able to help the environment. This stimulates the emotional wellbeing of people. They feel satisfied because of their cool new interior while they are helping the environment.

I found cool cork inspiration on this website and don’t forget to check out this website for cool designs made of random materials.

Compact furniture

Hello everybody,

Who doesn’t find it annoying to have so little space in their room? But so many stuff to fit in there. Well, I found the solution for this problem. Especially for all the students out there! In this blog post you will read more about compact furniture.

What is it?
Gergely Kiss-Gal came with a new furniture colletion: The Plie Collection. This furniture is special because if you need more space, you can fold, for example, your little table like origami and slide it simply under your bed. It’s compact furniture. The furniture collection is based on the japanese folding paper art. The designs are really compact and easy to hide. The designs from Gergely are really simple and small.

A little table

A little table

But Gergely Kiss-Gal isn’t the only one who thought about this. Resource furniture as well. This is a company from the United States. Resource furniture has imported their modern designs from Italy and other European designers since 2000. The designs are tables, desks, beds, seatings, lighting and storages. The Resource furniture collections are extended but simple and very modern.

If you want to see more, click the link below to go to their website and check out their cool video!

Why is it cool?

It’s cool because all your furniture fit into each other so you don’t need an extra room or a bigger house to storage all your stuff. Everybody can create their own space in their own house and it’s made for kids, teenagers and adults. Your room will be really easy to use and your furniture isn’t heavy. Like the company Resource furniture says: ‘This furniture is space saving.’
This concept has future growth potential because more and more people are living in the cities. The houses and apartments in the middle of the city aren’t that spacious. With the designs from Resource furniture it is possible to live in a smaller house with amazing space options, cool furniture and big comfort.

Thank you for reading my blog!