Personally, I am a fan of this invention. Meet Indiegogo’s in ear device that automatically translates a foreign language to yours in real-time.┬áMost of us have probably been in a situation where it was difficult to communicate with a foreigner because of the language barrier. It isn’t impossible to communicate without speaking but it does make it a bit easier when you both speak the language. More and more people immigrate to a foreign country even for a few months or the rest of their lives. Learning a foreign language in a short amount of time isn’t easy for everybody and that’s where Indiegogo’s ear piece comes in handy.

Plug one ear piece in your ear and give the other one to the person you’re talking to. Open the app that comes with the ear piece, select the language you’re speaking yourself, the person wearing the other ear piece does the same. Now you can start talking in your own language and the ear piece will translate it for you right away.


A product with lots of future growth potential I’d say. This ear piece allows people, the society, to become more social and to start a conversation with foreigners a lot easier. It has a big influence on globalization because it brakes the language barriers between foreign countries. New friendships, job opportunities etc. are possible and allows people to live in a foreign country with more confidence, improving the quality of life.