Dissolved Clothing

Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week
Jef Montes – Friday 15 January 2016

‘Resolver’ is the name of Jef Montes’ fall/winter 2016 collection.

Blue lighting lit up the whole space before the show started, blue ‘boxes’ laid at the beginning of the catwalk. When the music started, models appeared and took place on these ‘boxes’ while two others threw water towards them. Their clothing was wet and slowly torn into smaller streaks of fabric till no fabric at all during their journey walking down the catwalk. This gave a beautiful effect and an almost complete naked view of the models. Some of the models walked down the catwalk holding a balloon filled with water, as if they were pregnant, and they let it burst halfway. One of the models during the show was actually pregnant and showed her belly with pride.

What they were wearing?

Jef Montes is known for his use of new types of materials for every collection. For this collection he used a material that felt like glue, which dissolved when it mixed with water. The pieces the models were wearing were grey, gleaming and loose around their bodies, like draped pieces of clothing. Everything was one piece and the models were naked underneath.


What is the message?

This collection is a critical response to the fast and on-going fashion world these days. It’s a ‘solution’, literally; the clothing dissolved, for today’s fashion that apparently died. What is fashion nowadays, what is still standing when it comes to the fashion industry?

Personally, I thought this fashion show was about women. Carrying new life insight them, an innocent creature with no idea what the world looks like, no expectations or judgments about it. Carrying a child inside a body is a humongous responsibility and privilege to have as a woman. I thought we were pulled back to the beginning of life, during this show, because the world around us is evolving extremely quickly, technology and fashion as well, are on-going processes.

Without clothes, we’re all the same. We’re equal, especially with no material objects, everybody has a body, a mind and soul, this is here where it all begins, right?!

Photos: Judith Kutschenreuter


How to survive Fashion week

Hello there lovely readers,

This post is for all the fashion lovers out there, because today I am writing to you about ‘how to survive Fashion week’. In this post you will read tips and tricks and my personal experiences during Fashion weeks. I hope this post will be helpful for some of you who are planning to attend a Fashion week and for the rest of you just for fun to read.

Firstly, what you don’t want to forget during Fashion week is a camera. You may not be one of the photographers in the press box at the end of a runway. But, you will be able to make some beautiful shots during shows from where you are sitting.

If you don’t have very nice seats, if you’re seated higher up for example, try to sit on the outside next to some stairs so you can climb down with your camera to shot some photos.

Also, there are interesting people walking around everywhere. This is the perfect opportunity to gain some style inspiration.

Are you planning on wearing heels? Think twice… Of course you should wear heels! But, if you’re not one of the influencers and you’re not picked up by a taxi and brought home by a taxi, I recommend bringing some flats or sneakers. Unless you’re a pro obviously.

Furthermore, don’t bring along all your possessions! Most of the time there are cloakrooms, in the Netherlands at least. But it’s crowdie; everyone is trying to find their receipts. There are always those persons who received there coats and bags but just LOVE to stand in your way.

There are three types (probably more) of people at Fashion week. Firstly the ones who are sitting front row at every show and you probably have seen all over the Internet or in magazines. The influencers and famous people, who are important for designers and publicity. Second, the extravagant group of human beings who try to be important but really, they are just trying too hard and yes everybody notices them, it’s kind of hard not to see them and these persons just want to be interesting and looked at.

And thirdly, ‘normal’ stylish people, probably you and me. They are dressed properly in clothes they find comfortable and Fashion week worthy and are actually at Fashion week with a purpose. Either for doing research and analysing the show, or photographing shows, street style etc.

So everything summed up:

  • Bring your camera (if you have one)!
  • Bring some extra flat shoes if you have to travel I bit further, or by bus and train.
  • Don’t bring too much of your possessions, so wear a lighter coat and bring a smaller bag or clutch where you can also fit your belongings in.
  • Keep your eyes open for all the interesting styles you see, for your own inspiration.
  • Don’t be scared to introduce yourself to people you see at Fashion week. You don’t have anything to lose. Try to talk to people you can have benefits from later on.
  • Don’t be caught of guard by all the impressions you’ll have, because your first time, there are a lot!
  • Wear clothes YOU feel comfortable in! This is so important; you don’t want to feel uncomfortable and insecure.

Thank you for reading and till next time!




The following post is written on January 25th, 2014. I wrote this with a fellow student for our website Trendpit.nl .

” Very admired Vincent, Mr. van Gogh, it is with slight trepidation that I am addressing you. Your work means the world to me ”.

 These were the first lines of the letter Mattijs van Bergen wrote to Vincent van Gogh.

The collection he showed a day earlier to the audience was inspired by the work of van Gogh, the Dutch painter who obtained world fame and now has a museum called after him.



During the event we could admire 6 models in the creations of Mattijs. To actually make the link between the work of van Gogh and Mattijs, the models stood in front of the paintings, which served as a source of inspiration. The models changed places, which meant a playful effect arose between the work and the paintings. It was a kind of game to discover which model related to which painting. The experience was intense because the clothing could be admired up close and you could almost touch the fabric. You could see every detail in the work of both artists close enough to admire them.


Fashion is seen as something superficial but it is often underestimated. Fashion might be a form of art that can serve as an inspiration. The special thing is that art and culture are often seen as something bigger. Mattijs shows us with this collection that fashion has a deeper layer and that this may even include history.

The event was really interactive, everyone had the opportunity to talk to Mattijs about his collection. You could notice that he was very open.


The following post is written on January 28th, 2014. I wrote this with a fellow student for our website Trendpit.nl .

Fragile bird, sparkling innocence

Expectations keep you stuck

A Nightingale in a cage, perfect

Move yourself within the limits

Hold on to the rules

Stand still, paradise is for you.

foto 4-1

As we walked in it felt like we walked into a magical fairy-tale forest, the birds whistled and the flowers were in bloom. A nightingale in a white dress took place behind a piano and she suddenly began to sing. She sang about the ‘prettiest girl of 28 years old’.

foto 2-5 foto 1-5

The models walked into the magic forest. They were dressed in short white dresses made of a satiny fabric with lots of glitters, puff sleeves and nude parts on their body. The white, sort of wedding dresses, changed into simple grey dresses. These changed again in dresses with plaid patterns with the colours red, green and black. A couple of these dresses had a plaid detail and lots of sequins. While the music changed, it seemed like the mad witch could appear any time now, but instead a model with a red coloured dress walked into the runway. The dresses were made in different kind of lengths and different sorts of fabric. Most of the dresses designs are made of tight silhouettes, but the fabrics fell elegantly down along the models bodies. Lovely detail was a bow at the back of some dresses. Striking was the fact that the dresses all had some similar details, but in a very different way.

foto 4-3foto 4-1

At first glance this show seems perfect. But the magic forest smelled like plastic and it seemed like the models where stuck, like a nightingale caged. The artificial forest symbolized the oppressive condition of our society. Where many people strive to perfection. “Whoever aims to perfection has unspoken expectations about others.” Edwin Oudshoorn wants to create more freedom in our society. Something we clearly saw in this new collection. All dresses were different but at the same time they all had similarities. They all had their own kind of beauty. Just like humans, we are all different, not perfect but someway beautiful.

Photos taken by me.


The following post is written on January 27th, 2014. I wrote this with a fellow student for our website Trendpit.nl .

Before the show of Jonathan Christopher Homme there was a lot of rumour. The press had already published that Jandino, a famous Dutch comedian would be a model during this show. Also Teun Kuilboer, Tygo Gernands and Dave Mantel would be models for this new collection. Together they opened the show.



Because of the famous Dutch men there was a big interest. When these guys were on stage the public was yelling. The big question is, were they interested because of the designs of JCH or because of the famous Dutch guys.

The collection itself was very wearable. JCH showed masculine, classic designs. Blue was the central colour in the designs. Dark shades with a metallic accent. The designs were masculine and the cheekbones were definitely accentuated.

The quote which inspired JCH’s collection is: “Life moves very fast. It rushes from Heaven to Hell in a matter of econds.”-Paulo Coelho

Photos: Team Peter Stigter