Dissolved Clothing

Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week
Jef Montes – Friday 15 January 2016

‘Resolver’ is the name of Jef Montes’ fall/winter 2016 collection.

Blue lighting lit up the whole space before the show started, blue ‘boxes’ laid at the beginning of the catwalk. When the music started, models appeared and took place on these ‘boxes’ while two others threw water towards them. Their clothing was wet and slowly torn into smaller streaks of fabric till no fabric at all during their journey walking down the catwalk. This gave a beautiful effect and an almost complete naked view of the models. Some of the models walked down the catwalk holding a balloon filled with water, as if they were pregnant, and they let it burst halfway. One of the models during the show was actually pregnant and showed her belly with pride.

What they were wearing?

Jef Montes is known for his use of new types of materials for every collection. For this collection he used a material that felt like glue, which dissolved when it mixed with water. The pieces the models were wearing were grey, gleaming and loose around their bodies, like draped pieces of clothing. Everything was one piece and the models were naked underneath.


What is the message?

This collection is a critical response to the fast and on-going fashion world these days. It’s a ‘solution’, literally; the clothing dissolved, for today’s fashion that apparently died. What is fashion nowadays, what is still standing when it comes to the fashion industry?

Personally, I thought this fashion show was about women. Carrying new life insight them, an innocent creature with no idea what the world looks like, no expectations or judgments about it. Carrying a child inside a body is a humongous responsibility and privilege to have as a woman. I thought we were pulled back to the beginning of life, during this show, because the world around us is evolving extremely quickly, technology and fashion as well, are on-going processes.

Without clothes, we’re all the same. We’re equal, especially with no material objects, everybody has a body, a mind and soul, this is here where it all begins, right?!

Photos: Judith Kutschenreuter


Dark lip December

Hello guys!

In this blogpost I’m writing about lip make-up. Butttt, as you can see by the title of this blogpost, I’m writing about some dark lip make-up. My favourite lip colours of the year!

So as you may already know by now, I love autumn and winter and everything about it. The make-up as well! Christmas (and other festive holidays) is right around the corner so I find this the perfect opportunity to talk to you about this subject.

Lets start shall we?

The following lippie products are this seasons favourites of mine.

First, my classic red lipstick. This lipstick is from Maybelline New York, it’s called ‘Pleasure Me Red’ number 547. Perfect to wear on christmas or another festive holiday like new year’s eve! This lipstick makes your teeth looks so white, wonderful!
Second, this is my lipstick from Teeez (trendy cosmetics) in the colour ‘Lucky Chocolate’. This lipstick is a brownish lipstick, really lovely. But the only thing about this one is, you need to wear a lip pencil underneath because if you don’t, it won’t last really long on your lips.
The next one is from Chanel, it is a mini version of their lipsticks. It’s called ‘Rouge Coco’ nr. 05. I’ve been searching for the big version ever since I got this one, I still haven’t found it yet.. So if some of you know this lipstick, or a similar one, please let me know in the comments! If you’re not sure about dark lipsticks, try a color like this one. It’s not to dark but definitely a beautiful beginning.

Next up is one of my MAC lipsticks. This is my darkest lipstick I own, it is a dark purple one and it is in the colour ‘Cyber’ (sounds a bit terrifying doesn’t it?). ‘Cyber’ is from the satin collection, which is really nice because it’s a really soft and moisturizing lipstick, but this one still stays on really long although it’s not a matte one.
This one is slightly different from the others I talked about because it’s a lip crayon but it looks like a thick lip pencil. My Maybelline New York one, from the ‘Color drama collection’, mine is in the color ‘Berry Much’ nr. 310. It is an amazing lip product, it’s so smooth and soft on your lips. It’s really easy to put on and you won’t need a lip pencil, you could use one though but it’s not necessary. Because this lip crayon stays on really well. I’ve worn this on my birthday, I’ve had several drinks and ate pie and other things and it was still there. Love it!

Last but not least, another MAC one. But this is a dark lipglass. No I didn’t spell that wrong, the packaging says it’s a lipglass. Yes it’s a lipgloss and it’s in the color ‘Rebel’. I’m normally not a big fan of lip glosses, I found them sticky and annoying, so i bought the ‘sized to go one’, but this color is really pretty. I always found a dark lipgloss less daring then a lipstick and easier to put on. So if you find dark lipsticks to daring, try a lipgloss, you will feel more comfortable and is easy to put on and to get off if you don’t like it.

Lastly I want to tell you about something that gives your dark lips some extra houres. I got this from a good friend of mine for my birthday.

It is called ‘lipcote’. I’ll give you more information about this in another blogpost.
Stay curious! 😉

I hope this blogpost will give you a little inspiration for the festive holidays and the chilly fashionable months.

I’d love to know what your favourite lipstick/product colour is, so leave that down in the comments below! (If someone is reading my blog, ha ha).

Have a nice day, I’ll be back soon.

(The lip-products’ names are links to webshops where you’re able to buy them).



Maybelline colordrama lip crayon 'Berry Much'

Maybelline colordrama lip crayon ‘Berry Much’

Sized to go lipglass 'Rebel'

Sized to go lipglass ‘Rebel’

The darkest one MAC 'Cyber'

The darkest one MAC ‘Cyber’

Changing Industry

Hello lovely readers,

A few weeks ago I watched RTL Late Night, a dutch TV talkshow, Negin Mirsalehi was a guest during the show. Negin Mirsalehi is a really successful and my personal inspiration. If you don’t know her, Negin is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. I insert her website here , make sure you’ll give it a look. During the episode of RTL Late Night Humberto Tan asked Negin about the fashion industry and fashion shows. The discussion proceeded about upcoming fashion shows and bloggers on social media. His question was: What are the original fashion shows’ future going to be like? Will social media put an end to them or not? I found this conversation really interesting because it’s true, bloggers become more popular everyday. But personally I think the authentic fashion shows won’t disappear, every fashion lover loves them!

Humberto said as final conclusion: The authentic fashion show remains existing but social media is a competitor.

Negin Mirsalehi

Negin Mirsalehi

Fashion shows are a way of expressing who you are as a designer. The guests as well, you want a certain audience to come to your show. The way they dress and look is important too. Besides, most of the fashion shows carries a hidden message during the show. A message to the world, people, government or community. Chanel’s fashion shows for example, Karl Lagerfeld wants to give people something to think about every time.

Chanel - spring/summer 2015

Chanel – spring/summer 2015

Bloggers have a big influence in this society these days, everybody reads their blogs. There are bloggers in different shapes and sizes, writing about different industries and interests. Some of them have more influences on readers about for example, make-up and styling, than actual make-up artists or professional stylists. Which is a striking signal. The offline world keeps getting more popular everyday. I love bloggers but I also love authentic fashion shows, I visited a few fashion shows at the Mercedes-Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week this year and it was amazing. I hope I’ll visit international fashion weeks one day!

Thanks for reading and I’ll keep you posted!

My RealTechniques Make-up Brushes

Hello there and welcome,

Today I’m going to talk to you about make-up brushes; this will be a beauty related blog post. I thought a lot about what my first post would be, I wasn’t really sure. Then I realized I should write about something that I use and love a lot. Make-up brushes! So that’s what I’m going to do.

RealTechniques, the name says it all. I’ve heard so many things about these brushes and I needed to get them. But I live in The Netherlands and we don’t have as many make-up brands as the USA or the UK for example. So they were really hard to find here, BUT I DID and I’m very very happy with them!

You can have great make-up but I believe, without good quality brushes, you’ll never get a good result as when you also have high quality brushes to apply your make-up with. It was a long journey before I found these lovely’s, welcome to the family!

The RealTechniques brushes are not expensive at all and that’s definitely a plus. These brushes are extremely soft and there are many different shapes and sizes to fulfill all your needs. Another plus is the fact that my make-up won’t be sticking onto my RealTechniques brushes compared to other brushes I own. I’m looking forward to start using more of them!

Thank you Chapman sisters! Make sure you’ll check out their website and tutorials here (if you haven’t already).

I bought my brushes at Boqz, a store in Eindhoven. You can order them on a lot of webshops but I prefer to buy them in a real store. 

Thank you for reading!


4 Pack

4 Pack

foto 2

Buffing – Contour – Pointed foundation – Detailer


Bronzer (I use it for blush)