Not only materials, food or fabrics are recycled these days but ‘old’ and unused buildings as well.

We live in a world with masses of waste.. We all know recycling is a thing and if you’re a good human being, you at least try to help the world a bit and recycle your plastics etc. BUT recycling has been taking to a whole other level the past few months I could say. During my internship there was a feature about The Olympic Tower in London, specially built for the Olympic Games, has now become a slide. Seriously HOW RAD IS THAT? At least, for all our dare devils out there.

My point is, whilst trying not to get too excited, there are so many different ways of reusing things, materials, products, clothing (!!) and buildings. Another option is tearing all the unused buildings down, but where’s the fun in that when you can create a mega slide? Projects like these have a massive future growth potential because improving the environment and creating a better world are one of the most important tasks that humans have to deal with for eternity.

Humans are not the best creatures in bettering the world lately, but with these innovations and initiatives we can all create a better earth to live our lovely lives on.





Personally, I am a fan of this invention. Meet Indiegogo’s in ear device that automatically translates a foreign language to yours in real-time. Most of us have probably been in a situation where it was difficult to communicate with a foreigner because of the language barrier. It isn’t impossible to communicate without speaking but it does make it a bit easier when you both speak the language. More and more people immigrate to a foreign country even for a few months or the rest of their lives. Learning a foreign language in a short amount of time isn’t easy for everybody and that’s where Indiegogo’s ear piece comes in handy.

Plug one ear piece in your ear and give the other one to the person you’re talking to. Open the app that comes with the ear piece, select the language you’re speaking yourself, the person wearing the other ear piece does the same. Now you can start talking in your own language and the ear piece will translate it for you right away.


A product with lots of future growth potential I’d say. This ear piece allows people, the society, to become more social and to start a conversation with foreigners a lot easier. It has a big influence on globalization because it brakes the language barriers between foreign countries. New friendships, job opportunities etc. are possible and allows people to live in a foreign country with more confidence, improving the quality of life.



‘We believe that digital content and technology products are made better when they are informed by human emotions.’ I quote Affectiva, a company that started using human emotions to create better technological products. The future of mood-altering technology is here and it is evolving quickly. Big companies and brands are massively experimenting with this development because it could be a complete breakthrough for advertising and marketing.

This could be used for example to give food recommendations, suggesting chocolate to cheer you up or a banana to give you energy. Next time you walk past a billboard, pay a little more attention because maybe it will transform into a more cheerful advertisement using brighter colours. This could be reacting in reality to your facial expression.

What happens is that brands use human face expressions, recognition and emotions, for example real life emojis, just wink to your phone’s front camera or blow a kiss and the emoji will appear in your conversation. David Hedberg exhibited Smile TV, a television that switches on only when you smile; to watch a full episode of your favourite show, you must maintain a grin. Designer Talia Radford has created a camera that is activated by a kiss; turning emotion into an interface, and making the “likes” on Instagram and Facebook far more literal.

Developers think digital content and technological products will be better when we use this development. Human beings express there feelings all the time in many different ways and some people are scared to become slaves of the technology because it evolves so quickly. Therefor it has future growth potential and this might be the next generation of wearable technology.


Spring/Summer ’16 Fashion Shows: FUTURE GENERATION

The following post is written on July 14th, 2015. I wrote this post with a fellow student for our website . This post is about Jazz Kuipers and Jef Montes’ fashion shows, during the Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week July 2015.

The ‘Future Generation’ show contained two parts: two catwalk shows and an exposition of five different designers. These designers gave their personal vision on the future of fashion, creating unique worlds where fashion is as serious as it seems relative.
White lights and fog appeared at the beginning of the catwalk. Dark music began to play when the ‘warriors’ of Jazz Kuipers appeared one by one out of the fog with a truculent look on their faces. Jazz Kuipers showed her collection ‘TWO’. The male models were dressed in black architectonic clothing with a lot of leather. They looked raw and tough. Some of them wore face-concealing masks. Our feeling of the future after seeing this show is dark and truculent.
A boat sailing through the wild ocean fighting against the rough waves appeared on the screen while shrieking, irregular sounds were screaming through the room. It felt like we were on a boat floating through the wild ocean that seemed to sink. The first model walked down the catwalk, dressed in a white dress with a white balloon in her hands. The balloon cracked and the water splashed over her dress. This is where the show began. Jef Montes showed his ‘Velero’ collection, which means sailboat in Spanish. The clothing was mostly white, but some of the items were black and blue. The silhouettes were organic and had imperfect details.
White can mean the end of life but it can also be seen as the beginning of a new life. Water was clearly an important subject during this show. Water is unpredictable, just like our future, and water could be one of our dooming scenarios in the future. Jazz and Jef showed us architectonic fashion versus organic fashion in one night. Are we ready for this future?


The following post is written on January 26th, 2015. I wrote this post with a fellow student for our website . This post is about fashion & society.

Yesterday we saw different shows with unique designers, all with their own view on fashion and design. Despite their own vision, they all had one over-all thing in common: cultural influences. Propagating your roots or interest in other cultures is something that stood out today during the shows.

Marga Weimans went back to her Surinamese Roots with her documentary FASHION HOUSE. She showed true craftsmanship and paid attention to the whole creative process based on her culture. While culture creates an interesting mix, it also shows influences and a contrast between the actual roles of men and women. Was the fashion show of Army of me a battle or some kind of fight against the fact that men are often getting more and more feminine nowadays? Men do feel the need to protect themselves and also go back to their roots. Dennis Diem used also an iconic historical theme: Adam and Eve. He extricated how Lilith (the first woman God assigned to Adam) didn’t feel equivalent towards Adam. This story is where all actual cultural developments find their origin.

These developments between how countries collaborate with one and another can also lead to cultural chaos instead of similarities. This is where Frampesca has made good use of in her collection by using fabrics and patterns that had never met before. The vision of Frampesca is that diversity is essential and that it provides inspiration. What also can be said about collaborations between different cultures is that it makes designers independent as well as more reliant with each other.

Something that can be said is that cultural influences make developments happen but from time to time we want to go back to our roots and find inspiration in the origin.

Nature friendly packaging


We all know that we throw away to much food and we easily throw the packaging away on the streets. I found different signals that predict food waste and help against nature pollution. More and more eatable and naturally degradable products are invented.

What is it?
Paper and other materials, but not just the usual packaging materials like plastic for example. Nature friendly packaging is designed to place it into the ground or eat it along with your burger. It sounds a bit weird maybe, but very handy.

Why is it cool?
It’s cool because we all still remember the days when we were little and wanted to eat paper (well I did).. It’s possible these days and it tastes fine. Bob’s Burger for example, you order your burger and eat it with the paper around it. The paper tastes like the burger itself and you don’t have to throw away paper that isn’t barely used.

It’s your birthday and you unpacked your presents and there is wrapping paper all over the place, probably recognizable, it will all be thrown away. But you have to keep the wrapping papers with vegetables or flowers on it, because they have seeds digests in them. Put the wrapping paper into the ground, give them a bit of water and you grow your own groceries or flowers. This is cool because there will be less paper waste, thank you Eden’s Paper.

Eden's Paper

Eden’s Paper

Why does it have future growth potential?
Nature friendly packaging has definitely future growth potential because there will be a lot less waste and this has a positive influence on the environment. 

Quality of Life
Nature friendly packaging has influence on the social and emotional wellbeing of people because gardening has a positive influence on people. And people feel satisfied because they contribute to a clean environment and a healthier earth.

New ways for more green


Sustainability is everywhere, but in so many different ways. That’s really good because this means that many people are thinking about ways to improve their sustainable way of life.

What is it?
Urban Farms are evolving in the cities; there is less space to grow your own vegetables so we have to think about creative solutions. People want to grow their own food as well these days because they don’t know what to believe anymore, there isn’t enough transparency about food rules. So let’s go back to basic and do it yourself.



Why is it cool?
Creative Urban Farms and ‘Pop Up gardens’ are cool because you can take your garden everywhere with you. It’s healthy, transparent (because you grow your veggies your own) and sustainable as well. There are a lot of creative ways to keep your urban garden, on top of the roofs of flats and houses, or on top of a driving buss, on your balcony etc.

Why does it have future growth potential?
Cities will grow and become more modern as they are right now. Which means we have to make some room for green. So a garden on top of a roof is smart. If you’re having a work break you can visit the roof and cut some fresh lettuce for your sandwich for example. A pop up garden will come and go, everybody will be busy in the future so you don’t have the full responsibility of the garden but people can do it together.

Quality of Life
Being busy with a personal or publican garden has a big influence on the quality of life. Gardening together has impact on the social wellbeing of people because Urban Farms and Pop up gardens provides social connection, health and energy security (physical wellbeing), but also satisfaction (emotional wellbeing).

In our future world where sustainability is a must, there will be a lot of apartments like ‘The Ark’ and ‘Pop Up Gardens’ in the cities.

Creating different ways of energy sources

Hello world,

Solar energy, wind energy, a hand-woven bamboo water collector, these are all nature friendly ways to get your energy or catch your water. I think most of us are familiar with solar energy etc. This development has been going on for a while now, but the different signals I found are creative ways to produce this nature friendly energy. Signals with a cool factor. With all these developments we are able to improve our precious earth and keep her healthy.

This coolhunt down here is an example from what I found.

 What is it?
The Living wall is a sustainable sound barrier wall, placed along the side of a highway. But it’s not a regular one, people are able to live inside The Living Wall. This project is from NarrativA architects. The sound barrier protects the surrounding residential areas against noise pollution. But The Living Wall purifies the air polluted by road users and other bad influences.

The Living Wall

The Living Wall

Why it is cool?
I believe this is a really cool initiative because we can start using the boring and ugly sound barriers in a new creative way, which helps us, improve the environment as well. Students or other people are able to live in the sound barrier and you won’t even have noise pollution. Plus, the sound barrier impels the energy for the houses inside.

Why does it have future growth potential?
The Living Wall creates a new place to live in. Another important thing is the fact that it uses solar energy to impel energy and The Living Wall purifies the air in- and outside. These are all environmental friendly ways to improve mother earth. It’s sustainable and clean, just what we need in the future.

Quality of Life
In our future world, people love helping out Mother Nature. This has impact on our physical wellbeing because our health will improve if we better the world’s environment. It has also impact on development and activity. People are thinking more about maintaining their solar peddles for example instead of heating their home with unhealthy gasses.

Create a healthy environment by buying a bike

Hi there,

There are different aspects needed to improve a healthy sustainable environment. The way we transport ourselves is one of those aspects. I found many different bikes that contribute to a better environment. But bikes are not the only way to transport yourself without sending bad emissions into the air. I discover more and more electric cars every day and that’s a good thing. These signals are evolving themselves.

I see a future full of different bikes and other transportation ways that have a good influence on the environment. For example: E-bikes as well as bikes where you can charge your phone while you’re cycling, but also electric cars and electric busses with little gardens on top of the roof. These means of transport have no bad emissions; this will lead to a cleaner air and a healthier earth.

What is it?
The bamboo bikes made and designed by Blackstar are a new sustainable way to move you around and through the city. Blackstar is in co-creation with Ghana. This product is Fair-trade and transparent.

Bamboo bike frame

Bamboo bike frame

Why is it cool?
This bamboo bike is cool because it’s made of bamboo. And bamboo grows back again after they cut the trees. This makes bamboo sustainable. This product is also cool because the locals in Ghana are helping out, which means their life improves.

Why does it have future growth potential?
The bike’s frame is made of bamboo; this is better for the environment than regular bikes. When more and more people start using these bikes, fewer cars will be needed. This improves the air we have to inhale and exhale.

Quality of Life
You not only cycle on a beautiful cool bike made of a sustainable product, you also help the local people in Ghana. Buying a bamboo Blackstar bike has influence on the material wellbeing of people because they bought something new and that makes them happy. It has also a big influence on the social and emotional wellbeing because of buying this bike; people support the locals in Ghana. This will lead to satisfaction.

Cork your home


It becomes more popular these days, homemade or restyled furniture. But also organic furniture and furniture or houses made of sustainable materials. But why is this happening these days?

We become more aware of the nature around us, sustainability is a priority these days and very popular in- and outside. Besides all the urban farms, the interior world changed as well. Homemade/restyled furniture and organic furniture are fun to make, you can do it with your neighbor. There are also lots of workshops popping up; “Restyle your old furniture, make it fun”.

Cork wall

Cork wall

What is it?
Cork is a sustainable product. It comes from the bark of trees. Cork is usable for many different furniture and accessories in your interior. But what makes Cork so sustainable? There are different reasons why. I will tell you these reasons in the next paragraph.

Why is it cool?
The cool part about Cork is the part where they cut the bark of the trees. The bark grows back. So we don’t have to cut the trees, we just have to shave them. Which means that we can use the tree several times. This is better for the environment.

Another thing about Cork is the possibility to recycle it and use it over and over again for different things. If you’re getting bored with your chair made of cork, just recycle it and design your own cork table or even a wall made of cork.

Why does it have future growth potential?
So I told you the facts around the sustainable aspects of Cork. Using more Cork as furniture and accessories will help the world to safe trees and keep the environment intact.

Kitchen Cork

Kitchen Cork

Quality of Life
Organic furniture and furniture made of sustainable materials (for example: cork) will give people a great feeling, a feeling of satisfaction. Why? Because they are able to help the environment. This stimulates the emotional wellbeing of people. They feel satisfied because of their cool new interior while they are helping the environment.

I found cool cork inspiration on this website and don’t forget to check out this website for cool designs made of random materials.