Not only materials, food or fabrics are recycled these days but ‘old’ and unused buildings as well.

We live in a world with masses of waste.. We all know recycling is a thing and if you’re a good human being, you at least try to help the world a bit and recycle your plastics etc. BUT recycling has been taking to a whole other level the past few months I could say. During my internship there was a feature about The Olympic Tower in London, specially built for the Olympic Games, has now become a slide. Seriously HOW RAD IS THAT? At least, for all our dare devils out there.

My point is, whilst trying not to get too excited, there are so many different ways of reusing things, materials, products, clothing (!!) and buildings. Another option is tearing all the unused buildings down, but where’s the fun in that when you can create a mega slide? Projects like these have a massive future growth potential because improving the environment and creating a better world are one of the most important tasks that humans have to deal with for eternity.

Humans are not the best creatures in bettering the world lately, but with these innovations and initiatives we can all create a better earth to live our lovely lives on.





Personally, I am a fan of this invention. Meet Indiegogo’s in ear device that automatically translates a foreign language to yours in real-time. Most of us have probably been in a situation where it was difficult to communicate with a foreigner because of the language barrier. It isn’t impossible to communicate without speaking but it does make it a bit easier when you both speak the language. More and more people immigrate to a foreign country even for a few months or the rest of their lives. Learning a foreign language in a short amount of time isn’t easy for everybody and that’s where Indiegogo’s ear piece comes in handy.

Plug one ear piece in your ear and give the other one to the person you’re talking to. Open the app that comes with the ear piece, select the language you’re speaking yourself, the person wearing the other ear piece does the same. Now you can start talking in your own language and the ear piece will translate it for you right away.


A product with lots of future growth potential I’d say. This ear piece allows people, the society, to become more social and to start a conversation with foreigners a lot easier. It has a big influence on globalization because it brakes the language barriers between foreign countries. New friendships, job opportunities etc. are possible and allows people to live in a foreign country with more confidence, improving the quality of life.



We can all see it evolving around us and we do, the healthstyle. We can’t deny the fact that the healthstyle is trying to conquer the world with healthy replacements for food, products and lifestyle. It’s a strong signal, which keeps evolving all over the world. It has future growth potential because we need to start saving our earth and fighting against overweight and it will have a positive influence on people’s quality of life.

As I mentioned this trend covers a diverse range of lifestyle sectors, it is not just about food and healthy eating. Healthstyle has the world ‘health’ and ‘style’ in it, which refers to a healthy lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle is extremly important because the environment is suffering. The healthy replacements better people’s quality of life and the ones from our grand grand grandchildren in the far future.

Healthstyle covers healthy alternatives instead of your daily chemical unhealthy snacks, it allows you to keep moving during the day even though you’re job is in an office the whole day and a whole lot of other things. We can’t deny the fact that we live in a society where the pressure of being healthy and ecologically aware of your environment is amazingly high and still growing.

Take for example the ‘Mashbar’, they serve the healthy, non-dairy version of a sunday bar in NYC’s Hu Kitchen. It seems so simple, but can we break the unhealthy habits and trying the Healthstyle massively if we try the healthy replacements.


So… There is something I want to write about because everybody, including me obviously has an opinion about this. For this feature, I called it the Jennerartion, why? First of all, because I like puns and this is sort off a pun! Secondly, the internet, especially the social media platforms, keep blowing up about this family, what they are doing and every-thing around them.

The internet, social media platforms, are evolving as a perfection industry and I think it’s getting out of hand. Obvs, we couldn’t think about a world without social media and sure thing it has positive influences as well. This generation, children and teenagers nowadays, make me worry sometimes. Of course you can have a WII if you’re three or play games on the iPad just before going to sleep as a five year old while, I always enjoyed my mums voice telling me a bedtime story when I was that age.

I guess it’s hard to adjust to the new developments and changes in the world every now and than. It’s completely normal even though I couldn’t imagine a world without my iPhone and other electronic toys. But it doesn’t take away the fact that quite some time these devices and social platforms are abused and misused. Take Kylie Jenner, she is 19(?) years old and she has a crazy amount of influence on the world, especially younger girls. We shouldn’t forget that most images of her you see on the social media platforms are Photoshoped. This leads to, too many girls and boys suffering from insecurity issues.

I believe the people on this planet, especially the younger generation, shouldn’t forget what is real and what isn’t. The world is focussing on the bad beauty influences too much.



‘We believe that digital content and technology products are made better when they are informed by human emotions.’ I quote Affectiva, a company that started using human emotions to create better technological products. The future of mood-altering technology is here and it is evolving quickly. Big companies and brands are massively experimenting with this development because it could be a complete breakthrough for advertising and marketing.

This could be used for example to give food recommendations, suggesting chocolate to cheer you up or a banana to give you energy. Next time you walk past a billboard, pay a little more attention because maybe it will transform into a more cheerful advertisement using brighter colours. This could be reacting in reality to your facial expression.

What happens is that brands use human face expressions, recognition and emotions, for example real life emojis, just wink to your phone’s front camera or blow a kiss and the emoji will appear in your conversation. David Hedberg exhibited Smile TV, a television that switches on only when you smile; to watch a full episode of your favourite show, you must maintain a grin. Designer Talia Radford has created a camera that is activated by a kiss; turning emotion into an interface, and making the “likes” on Instagram and Facebook far more literal.

Developers think digital content and technological products will be better when we use this development. Human beings express there feelings all the time in many different ways and some people are scared to become slaves of the technology because it evolves so quickly. Therefor it has future growth potential and this might be the next generation of wearable technology.


Spring/Summer ’16 Fashion Shows: FUTURE GENERATION

The following post is written on July 14th, 2015. I wrote this post with a fellow student for our website . This post is about Jazz Kuipers and Jef Montes’ fashion shows, during the Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week July 2015.

The ‘Future Generation’ show contained two parts: two catwalk shows and an exposition of five different designers. These designers gave their personal vision on the future of fashion, creating unique worlds where fashion is as serious as it seems relative.
White lights and fog appeared at the beginning of the catwalk. Dark music began to play when the ‘warriors’ of Jazz Kuipers appeared one by one out of the fog with a truculent look on their faces. Jazz Kuipers showed her collection ‘TWO’. The male models were dressed in black architectonic clothing with a lot of leather. They looked raw and tough. Some of them wore face-concealing masks. Our feeling of the future after seeing this show is dark and truculent.
A boat sailing through the wild ocean fighting against the rough waves appeared on the screen while shrieking, irregular sounds were screaming through the room. It felt like we were on a boat floating through the wild ocean that seemed to sink. The first model walked down the catwalk, dressed in a white dress with a white balloon in her hands. The balloon cracked and the water splashed over her dress. This is where the show began. Jef Montes showed his ‘Velero’ collection, which means sailboat in Spanish. The clothing was mostly white, but some of the items were black and blue. The silhouettes were organic and had imperfect details.
White can mean the end of life but it can also be seen as the beginning of a new life. Water was clearly an important subject during this show. Water is unpredictable, just like our future, and water could be one of our dooming scenarios in the future. Jazz and Jef showed us architectonic fashion versus organic fashion in one night. Are we ready for this future?

Remember your dreams with the SHADOW app

Hello everybody,

Do you recognize that feeling when you wake up and you had a really special dream? But a just a tiny moment later you’re already forgotten that dream. 95% of the dreams that we have, we forget after a couple minutes. Not anymore, with the SHADOW app it will be possible to remember them. How? Keep reading!

What is it?
Hunter Lee Soik and Jason Carvalho have created the SHADOW app. This app is launched on the 17th of september 2013. The Shadow app is an alarm clock. This alarm clock will gradually wake you up. (How nice?) Immediately after you wake up you will speak or type where you dreamed about or you will start answering questions about it. After a while patterns emerge. The dreams will be saved in a database and everything will be organized so major themes and trends can be identified. You can decide whether you want to share your dreams with the world or to keep them to yourself. Shadow also investigates your sleep rhythm.



Why is it cool?
With this app you will remember your dreams, of course only the dreams you want to remember. When your dream patterns emerge, questions will be answered and you will know why you’re dreaming about all those things. The differences between cultures and generations emerge as well, that’s very interesting! Together we are able to build a global web of dreams.

Before they can realize this app, we need to donate money so this app can be introduced on the market. So if you want to read more about the cool SHADOW app on their website, or if you want to donate money to them, make sure you click these links: Realize the SHADOW app and discover!

Remember your dreams

Remember your dreams

Thank you for reading my blog!

Nike’s Making app for a better environment

Hi there,

In this blog post I want to tell you more about a Sustainability app made by Nike. Now your question might be, what is a Sustainability app and how does it work? You will find the answers to these questions if you keep reading!

What is it?
The name of this app is called ‘Making’. This app is made by Nike, Nike created ‘Making’ together with students of the College of Fashion Centre for Sustainable Fashion in London. This app is made to help designers to select more environmently prefered materials for their designs. Designers are now able to make the right decisions and choose the most sustainable materials because of the information ‘Making’ gives them. The information comes from the Nike Materials Sustainability Index (MSI), a massive database full of research. The evironmental influences of the materials are based on four areas: chemistry, water use, energy and waste. So you just click on a material, for example leather, and the app will show you how much water you need to produce leather, or how much energy it will cost.

Nike's Making app

Nike’s Making app

Why is it cool?
You can download this app for free in iTunes, so this app is available for everybody. For you and me as well! ‘Making’ will learn designers but also companies who are involved with textiles and fashion more about materials and more about the environmental impact they have in the world. Because of this they will be more aware to choose for the most sustainable materials. They are now able to make better products for a better world. It’s an easy but also a fun way to make people all over the world more aware of sustainable materials.



3D printed fashion and more

Hello world,

Wouldn’t it be amazing to design your own clothes on your own computer, just print it and you can wear it! Several fashion designers are already working with the 3D printer, it’s becoming more and more popular in fashion land. It may be possible for ourselves in the future. Interesting right?
Keep reading!

3D printed bikini!

3D printed bikini!

What is it?
The 3D printer for fashion is a new revolutionary technology. A printer that can print accessories, hats, jewelry and clothing in 3D. The first time 3D printed fashion was introduced to the world, was at the Amsterdam International Fashion week in 2010. The 3D printer isn’t only for fashion, but for food, design and architecture etc. as well. Firstly, you will need an idea, concept or design made with computer aided design or animation modeling software on your computer, a shoe or a dress for example. It’s your choice what kind of material you want to use, but it depends on your 3D printer. Depending on the size of your design and what material it’s made of, it will take a couple hours and sometimes a couple days before it’s finished. Your design will be printed layer on top of a layer.

Check out this video:

Why is it cool?
This 3D printer is cool because people can create and design literally everything they want with it on their computer. So designers don’t need to spend hours and hours behind their sewing machine anymore, just to finish of their collection. It’s effective and super modern! The 3D printer has future growth potential because more and more people will have access to it in the future. This revolutionary technology continuos to develop itself.

Before you leave my blog, make sure you check out this link: How 3D printing works.
On this website you will find more information about the 3D printer and how it works, it’s explained to you step by step.

Compact furniture

Hello everybody,

Who doesn’t find it annoying to have so little space in their room? But so many stuff to fit in there. Well, I found the solution for this problem. Especially for all the students out there! In this blog post you will read more about compact furniture.

What is it?
Gergely Kiss-Gal came with a new furniture colletion: The Plie Collection. This furniture is special because if you need more space, you can fold, for example, your little table like origami and slide it simply under your bed. It’s compact furniture. The furniture collection is based on the japanese folding paper art. The designs are really compact and easy to hide. The designs from Gergely are really simple and small.

A little table

A little table

But Gergely Kiss-Gal isn’t the only one who thought about this. Resource furniture as well. This is a company from the United States. Resource furniture has imported their modern designs from Italy and other European designers since 2000. The designs are tables, desks, beds, seatings, lighting and storages. The Resource furniture collections are extended but simple and very modern.

If you want to see more, click the link below to go to their website and check out their cool video!

Why is it cool?

It’s cool because all your furniture fit into each other so you don’t need an extra room or a bigger house to storage all your stuff. Everybody can create their own space in their own house and it’s made for kids, teenagers and adults. Your room will be really easy to use and your furniture isn’t heavy. Like the company Resource furniture says: ‘This furniture is space saving.’
This concept has future growth potential because more and more people are living in the cities. The houses and apartments in the middle of the city aren’t that spacious. With the designs from Resource furniture it is possible to live in a smaller house with amazing space options, cool furniture and big comfort.

Thank you for reading my blog!