Not only materials, food or fabrics are recycled these days but ‘old’ and unused buildings as well.

We live in a world with masses of waste.. We all know recycling is a thing and if you’re a good human being, you at least try to help the world a bit and recycle your plastics etc. BUT recycling has been taking to a whole other level the past few months I could say. During my internship there was a feature about The Olympic Tower in London, specially built for the Olympic Games, has now become a slide. Seriously HOW RAD IS THAT? At least, for all our dare devils out there.

My point is, whilst trying not to get too excited, there are so many different ways of reusing things, materials, products, clothing (!!) and buildings. Another option is tearing all the unused buildings down, but where’s the fun in that when you can create a mega slide? Projects like these have a massive future growth potential because improving the environment and creating a better world are one of the most important tasks that humans have to deal with for eternity.

Humans are not the best creatures in bettering the world lately, but with these innovations and initiatives we can all create a better earth to live our lovely lives on.





Personally, I am a fan of this invention. Meet Indiegogo’s in ear device that automatically translates a foreign language to yours in real-time. Most of us have probably been in a situation where it was difficult to communicate with a foreigner because of the language barrier. It isn’t impossible to communicate without speaking but it does make it a bit easier when you both speak the language. More and more people immigrate to a foreign country even for a few months or the rest of their lives. Learning a foreign language in a short amount of time isn’t easy for everybody and that’s where Indiegogo’s ear piece comes in handy.

Plug one ear piece in your ear and give the other one to the person you’re talking to. Open the app that comes with the ear piece, select the language you’re speaking yourself, the person wearing the other ear piece does the same. Now you can start talking in your own language and the ear piece will translate it for you right away.


A product with lots of future growth potential I’d say. This ear piece allows people, the society, to become more social and to start a conversation with foreigners a lot easier. It has a big influence on globalization because it brakes the language barriers between foreign countries. New friendships, job opportunities etc. are possible and allows people to live in a foreign country with more confidence, improving the quality of life.



We can all see it evolving around us and we do, the healthstyle. We can’t deny the fact that the healthstyle is trying to conquer the world with healthy replacements for food, products and lifestyle. It’s a strong signal, which keeps evolving all over the world. It has future growth potential because we need to start saving our earth and fighting against overweight and it will have a positive influence on people’s quality of life.

As I mentioned this trend covers a diverse range of lifestyle sectors, it is not just about food and healthy eating. Healthstyle has the world ‘health’ and ‘style’ in it, which refers to a healthy lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle is extremly important because the environment is suffering. The healthy replacements better people’s quality of life and the ones from our grand grand grandchildren in the far future.

Healthstyle covers healthy alternatives instead of your daily chemical unhealthy snacks, it allows you to keep moving during the day even though you’re job is in an office the whole day and a whole lot of other things. We can’t deny the fact that we live in a society where the pressure of being healthy and ecologically aware of your environment is amazingly high and still growing.

Take for example the ‘Mashbar’, they serve the healthy, non-dairy version of a sunday bar in NYC’s Hu Kitchen. It seems so simple, but can we break the unhealthy habits and trying the Healthstyle massively if we try the healthy replacements.


This concept is different from most you’ll probably read. An Italian company created an eco-friendly alternative to coffins. It is called ‘The Capsula’ developed by Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel. This project is an organic, biodegradable burial capsule that will turn the deceased’s body intro nutrients for a tree that will grow out of the body’s remains. It can sound a bit disturbing but this concept has quite some future growth potential.

Each person choosing this way to being buried can choose their favourite tree. The body will be placed inside an egg in a fetal position, a seed is planted above the body and planted into the ground. It looks like a massive seed with a body inside, kind off like the new circle of life. It is like where life began. This concept will change the standard creepy cemeteries into sacred forests where you can remember your loved one peacefully.

This concept covers different social issues and trends that are important in todays world. Such as sustainability, rising social tensions and personalization.


So… There is something I want to write about because everybody, including me obviously has an opinion about this. For this feature, I called it the Jennerartion, why? First of all, because I like puns and this is sort off a pun! Secondly, the internet, especially the social media platforms, keep blowing up about this family, what they are doing and every-thing around them.

The internet, social media platforms, are evolving as a perfection industry and I think it’s getting out of hand. Obvs, we couldn’t think about a world without social media and sure thing it has positive influences as well. This generation, children and teenagers nowadays, make me worry sometimes. Of course you can have a WII if you’re three or play games on the iPad just before going to sleep as a five year old while, I always enjoyed my mums voice telling me a bedtime story when I was that age.

I guess it’s hard to adjust to the new developments and changes in the world every now and than. It’s completely normal even though I couldn’t imagine a world without my iPhone and other electronic toys. But it doesn’t take away the fact that quite some time these devices and social platforms are abused and misused. Take Kylie Jenner, she is 19(?) years old and she has a crazy amount of influence on the world, especially younger girls. We shouldn’t forget that most images of her you see on the social media platforms are Photoshoped. This leads to, too many girls and boys suffering from insecurity issues.

I believe the people on this planet, especially the younger generation, shouldn’t forget what is real and what isn’t. The world is focussing on the bad beauty influences too much.



‘We believe that digital content and technology products are made better when they are informed by human emotions.’ I quote Affectiva, a company that started using human emotions to create better technological products. The future of mood-altering technology is here and it is evolving quickly. Big companies and brands are massively experimenting with this development because it could be a complete breakthrough for advertising and marketing.

This could be used for example to give food recommendations, suggesting chocolate to cheer you up or a banana to give you energy. Next time you walk past a billboard, pay a little more attention because maybe it will transform into a more cheerful advertisement using brighter colours. This could be reacting in reality to your facial expression.

What happens is that brands use human face expressions, recognition and emotions, for example real life emojis, just wink to your phone’s front camera or blow a kiss and the emoji will appear in your conversation. David Hedberg exhibited Smile TV, a television that switches on only when you smile; to watch a full episode of your favourite show, you must maintain a grin. Designer Talia Radford has created a camera that is activated by a kiss; turning emotion into an interface, and making the “likes” on Instagram and Facebook far more literal.

Developers think digital content and technological products will be better when we use this development. Human beings express there feelings all the time in many different ways and some people are scared to become slaves of the technology because it evolves so quickly. Therefor it has future growth potential and this might be the next generation of wearable technology.



This feature is about different fashion shows/events from the MBAFW January 2016. I found out comparisons and trends within the different fashion shows and connected it with each other. I wrote it on January 24, 2016.

Society is evolving quickly; it’s hard to keep up with the speed of change. This MBFWA, three designers showed their answers to never ending change, all from a different point of view. In three fashion shows, Monique Collignon, Two Legged Creatures and Jef Montes shared their message with the world.Monique Collignon showed her sustainable 2015 collection. The entire collection consisted of recycled fabric; material we normally give back to our earth. These pieces were all extravagant evening dresses. Collignon wants us to realise we have to stay close to Mother Nature’s gifts and ourselves. We should be serious about saving the environment from doom.


Another designer brought the same ‘stay close to yourself’ message in a different way. With their ‘Metropolar’ collection, Two Legged Creatures responded critical to fast evolving technology. We seem to forget we’re actually human beings and not robots. When did we become slaves to our technological devices? And where does the human stop and the robot begin? Two Legged Creatures pushes us to stay close to our human side


Jef Montes’ subject during his fashion show was a literal visualisation of the dissolving fashion industry. Fashion apparently died and with this show he wants to make people aware about the 24/7-fashion industry where the focus is misplaced. His collection is named ‘Resolver’ and consists of materials that dissolve when mixed with water. According to Montes, the individual is more important than the fast fashion industry.

These three shows respond to big movements happening in society. We as human beings should be determining our own interpretation of sustainability, technology and commercial motives. Collignon, Montes and Two Legged Creatures send the same message: live your own life; don’t let others choose how you deal with big changes in society.

Maybe it’s a good idea to take a moment, stop and appreciate what you have and think about the way you are influenced by others. How can you stay true to your own principles and goals? Also, try to see your loved ones more in real life and tuck your technological devices away during real ‘Facetime’.

Be human

Pictures are taken by me.

Dissolved Clothing

Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week
Jef Montes – Friday 15 January 2016

‘Resolver’ is the name of Jef Montes’ fall/winter 2016 collection.

Blue lighting lit up the whole space before the show started, blue ‘boxes’ laid at the beginning of the catwalk. When the music started, models appeared and took place on these ‘boxes’ while two others threw water towards them. Their clothing was wet and slowly torn into smaller streaks of fabric till no fabric at all during their journey walking down the catwalk. This gave a beautiful effect and an almost complete naked view of the models. Some of the models walked down the catwalk holding a balloon filled with water, as if they were pregnant, and they let it burst halfway. One of the models during the show was actually pregnant and showed her belly with pride.

What they were wearing?

Jef Montes is known for his use of new types of materials for every collection. For this collection he used a material that felt like glue, which dissolved when it mixed with water. The pieces the models were wearing were grey, gleaming and loose around their bodies, like draped pieces of clothing. Everything was one piece and the models were naked underneath.


What is the message?

This collection is a critical response to the fast and on-going fashion world these days. It’s a ‘solution’, literally; the clothing dissolved, for today’s fashion that apparently died. What is fashion nowadays, what is still standing when it comes to the fashion industry?

Personally, I thought this fashion show was about women. Carrying new life insight them, an innocent creature with no idea what the world looks like, no expectations or judgments about it. Carrying a child inside a body is a humongous responsibility and privilege to have as a woman. I thought we were pulled back to the beginning of life, during this show, because the world around us is evolving extremely quickly, technology and fashion as well, are on-going processes.

Without clothes, we’re all the same. We’re equal, especially with no material objects, everybody has a body, a mind and soul, this is here where it all begins, right?!

Photos: Judith Kutschenreuter

How to survive Fashion week

Hello there lovely readers,

This post is for all the fashion lovers out there, because today I am writing to you about ‘how to survive Fashion week’. In this post you will read tips and tricks and my personal experiences during Fashion weeks. I hope this post will be helpful for some of you who are planning to attend a Fashion week and for the rest of you just for fun to read.

Firstly, what you don’t want to forget during Fashion week is a camera. You may not be one of the photographers in the press box at the end of a runway. But, you will be able to make some beautiful shots during shows from where you are sitting.

If you don’t have very nice seats, if you’re seated higher up for example, try to sit on the outside next to some stairs so you can climb down with your camera to shot some photos.

Also, there are interesting people walking around everywhere. This is the perfect opportunity to gain some style inspiration.

Are you planning on wearing heels? Think twice… Of course you should wear heels! But, if you’re not one of the influencers and you’re not picked up by a taxi and brought home by a taxi, I recommend bringing some flats or sneakers. Unless you’re a pro obviously.

Furthermore, don’t bring along all your possessions! Most of the time there are cloakrooms, in the Netherlands at least. But it’s crowdie; everyone is trying to find their receipts. There are always those persons who received there coats and bags but just LOVE to stand in your way.

There are three types (probably more) of people at Fashion week. Firstly the ones who are sitting front row at every show and you probably have seen all over the Internet or in magazines. The influencers and famous people, who are important for designers and publicity. Second, the extravagant group of human beings who try to be important but really, they are just trying too hard and yes everybody notices them, it’s kind of hard not to see them and these persons just want to be interesting and looked at.

And thirdly, ‘normal’ stylish people, probably you and me. They are dressed properly in clothes they find comfortable and Fashion week worthy and are actually at Fashion week with a purpose. Either for doing research and analysing the show, or photographing shows, street style etc.

So everything summed up:

  • Bring your camera (if you have one)!
  • Bring some extra flat shoes if you have to travel I bit further, or by bus and train.
  • Don’t bring too much of your possessions, so wear a lighter coat and bring a smaller bag or clutch where you can also fit your belongings in.
  • Keep your eyes open for all the interesting styles you see, for your own inspiration.
  • Don’t be scared to introduce yourself to people you see at Fashion week. You don’t have anything to lose. Try to talk to people you can have benefits from later on.
  • Don’t be caught of guard by all the impressions you’ll have, because your first time, there are a lot!
  • Wear clothes YOU feel comfortable in! This is so important; you don’t want to feel uncomfortable and insecure.

Thank you for reading and till next time!




Hello world,

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I wrote this post during the train journey going home together with my dad on the 15th of October. I felt really inspired and this post rolled out of it. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

I recently started ballet classes and it is harder than I thought actually. This gives me even more reasons to have respect for (professional) ballet dancers. Ballet, in my eyes, is art. The dancers look like feathers, so light and graceful, as they dance. But they have to use every muscle in their body, especially their core, to dance and keep their balance.

I’ve always wanted to be a ballerina, but somehow it never happened. I guess I was too busy exploring other sports and interests. Until now, I am so happy I finally made the step to just do it.

Today, on the 15th of October I went to Amsterdam with my dear Dad. The two of us went shopping, for dinner and after dinner we went to the ‘National Opera & Ballet theatre’. We saw the the ballet show ‘Giselle’ and it was breathtaking. I am not exaggerating! I loved every minute of the show, especially the part of the show after the break. I was watching their footwork constantly and wishing to become as good as them one day, even though I highly doubt that that is even possible. But you know, a girl can dream right!?


I find ballet so approachable for every generation. Tonight, I saw little boys and girls, my generation, my dads generation and older people in the audience. I think this is amazing, ballet is timeless really. As well as it is interesting for each gender.


‘Giselle’ is about a young peasant girl who loves to dance but her mother dissuades it because of her health. Giselle, to me looked like a delicate flower embracing happiness of pure, trusting love which lit up her life. Caught between two men who love her but she only got eyes for one, the one she isn’t going to marry. Forbidden love but yet so beautiful. The part after the break began mysterious, it was night time and the ghostly forms of the Wilis, died brides, appeared among Giselle’s grave. I felt the dancers’ emotions and on some point caught myself sitting on the tip of my chair.


Here is a link to a better description about ‘Giselle’ and a link to the website of ‘Het Nationale Opera & Ballet’ if you are interested in the show and ballet dancers.

I hope you have nice day!