This feature is about different fashion shows/events from the MBAFW January 2016. I found out comparisons and trends within the different fashion shows and connected it with each other. I wrote it on January 24, 2016.

Society is evolving quickly; it’s hard to keep up with the speed of change. This MBFWA, three designers showed their answers to never ending change, all from a different point of view. In three fashion shows, Monique Collignon, Two Legged Creatures and Jef Montes shared their message with the world.Monique Collignon showed her sustainable 2015 collection. The entire collection consisted of recycled fabric; material we normally give back to our earth. These pieces were all extravagant evening dresses. Collignon wants us to realise we have to stay close to Mother Nature’s gifts and ourselves. We should be serious about saving the environment from doom.


Another designer brought the same ‘stay close to yourself’ message in a different way. With their ‘Metropolar’ collection, Two Legged Creatures responded critical to fast evolving technology. We seem to forget we’re actually human beings and not robots. When did we become slaves to our technological devices? And where does the human stop and the robot begin? Two Legged Creatures pushes us to stay close to our human side


Jef Montes’ subject during his fashion show was a literal visualisation of the dissolving fashion industry. Fashion apparently died and with this show he wants to make people aware about the 24/7-fashion industry where the focus is misplaced. His collection is named ‘Resolver’ and consists of materials that dissolve when mixed with water. According to Montes, the individual is more important than the fast fashion industry.

These three shows respond to big movements happening in society. We as human beings should be determining our own interpretation of sustainability, technology and commercial motives. Collignon, Montes and Two Legged Creatures send the same message: live your own life; don’t let others choose how you deal with big changes in society.

Maybe it’s a good idea to take a moment, stop and appreciate what you have and think about the way you are influenced by others. How can you stay true to your own principles and goals? Also, try to see your loved ones more in real life and tuck your technological devices away during real ‘Facetime’.

Be human

Pictures are taken by me.


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