Hello world,

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I wrote this post during the train journey going home together with my dad on the 15th of October. I felt really inspired and this post rolled out of it. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

I recently started ballet classes and it is harder than I thought actually. This gives me even more reasons to have respect for (professional) ballet dancers. Ballet, in my eyes, is art. The dancers look like feathers, so light and graceful, as they dance. But they have to use every muscle in their body, especially their core, to dance and keep their balance.

I’ve always wanted to be a ballerina, but somehow it never happened. I guess I was too busy exploring other sports and interests. Until now, I am so happy I finally made the step to just do it.

Today, on the 15th of October I went to Amsterdam with my dear Dad. The two of us went shopping, for dinner and after dinner we went to the ‘National Opera & Ballet theatre’. We saw the the ballet show ‘Giselle’ and it was breathtaking. I am not exaggerating! I loved every minute of the show, especially the part of the show after the break. I was watching their footwork constantly and wishing to become as good as them one day, even though I highly doubt that that is even possible. But you know, a girl can dream right!?


I find ballet so approachable for every generation. Tonight, I saw little boys and girls, my generation, my dads generation and older people in the audience. I think this is amazing, ballet is timeless really. As well as it is interesting for each gender.


‘Giselle’ is about a young peasant girl who loves to dance but her mother dissuades it because of her health. Giselle, to me looked like a delicate flower embracing happiness of pure, trusting love which lit up her life. Caught between two men who love her but she only got eyes for one, the one she isn’t going to marry. Forbidden love but yet so beautiful. The part after the break began mysterious, it was night time and the ghostly forms of the Wilis, died brides, appeared among Giselle’s grave. I felt the dancers’ emotions and on some point caught myself sitting on the tip of my chair.


Here is a link to a better description about ‘Giselle’ and a link to the website of ‘Het Nationale Opera & Ballet’ if you are interested in the show and ballet dancers.

I hope you have nice day!


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