Spring/Summer ’16 Fashion Show: WHITE AFRICA

The following post is written on July 11th, 2015. I wrote this post for the website Trendpit.nl . This post is about Zyanya Keizer’s fashion show, during the Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week July 2015. It was an amazing show.

All white everything in African style. The catwalk was covered with white flour and above the catwalk dangled three airy canvases. Amidst this white ambiance stood just one dark African model. She was covered in a strong structured white dress with her head behind a mask.


In this extraordinary setting the other models were different from the African one. The models were white-skinned and their foreheads were painted in orange. Their hair was braided and coloured white. The collection of Zyanya Keizer consists of light and earthy colours, like white, brown and grey. Notable was the wide variety in shapes and materials. Beads, little balls and strings graced the garments. There was a clear contrast between soft loose-fittings and hard structured pieces. In many of the garments organic forms were visible. Zyanya does often take inspiration from the connection between man and nature and this characteristic was clear to see. This collection was definitely based on influences and the improbability of Mother Nature.


After seeing the white models in an African setting it became clear that Zyanya wanted to pay attention to a social problem. A major social problem in Africa is the aversion that prevails against albinos. According to many Africans an albino goes against nature. Today the white skin models occurred as the African albino. Our nature can be improbable and this improbability was visible today, the albinos were in the majority.

With this collection Zyanya will support the African albinos. Next week there will be an auction where different garments will be acutioned. The money will be given to the Foundation for African Albinos.

Photos: Team Peter Stigter


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