Spring/Summer ’16 Fashion Show: READY TO WEAR

The following post is written on July 11th, 2015. I wrote this post on my own for our website Trendpit.nl . This post is about FUTURA’s fashion show, during the Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week July 2015. Minimalistic mens fashion.

We stepped into another world, which felt like a disco. Loud music was pumping out of the speakers and purple and blue lights illuminated the room. In the centre of the room stood a turntable where two DJs were playing live music. The front of the turntable was covered in big white letters, which said ‘FUTURA’.

Male models walked along the catwalk one by one. The first two models were wearing colourful outfits, shorts and a jacket in pink and turquoise with high sport socks and shoes. Because of the colours, these first two outfits stood out to us. Further clothes from this collection were mainly white, black and blue. Variations of t-shirts with shorts, to firm coats with long trousers made of sturdy denim fabric. The tops’ and jackets’ silhouettes were straight and square. The t-shirts had a graphic design and some jackets had visible stitching, which both created a graphic effect.

Futura2 Futura1

The models were quite normal, just like the clothes they were wearing. The entire collection was ‘ready-to-wear’, minimalistic and sporty. The music was loud and the models walked quickly.

The designers of FUTURA are young and creative. They found an innovative way to partly finance this fashion show, namely ‘Crowdfunding’. A couple of weeks before their fashion show FUTURA was selling t-shirts and sweaters on their website. This money was used to finance the fashion show. In addition, the public and people of interests immediately were involved. This shows that young creative designers are not afraid to use creative ways to show their talents to the world.

Photos taken by me.


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