The following post is written on July 11th, 2015. I wrote this post with a fellow student for our website Trendpit.nl . This post is about the downtown event; Zalando Fashion House, during the Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week July 2015.

When we arrived at the Zalando Fashion House event the atmosphere changed into a relaxed and summery beach vibe. There was a terrace ‘outside’ and the drinks were flowing. The terrace and delicious drinks gave everybody the chance to talk about the interesting pieces, made by the designer Zyanya Keizer. There was an opportunity to get ready for the fashion shows; the make-up studio did the make-up and hair for anyone interested.


There was a ‘fashion truck’ that gave us insights in Zyanya’s inspiration for her new collection. On the walls were images of African tribes with fitting colour and material samples. She showed three dresses of her previous collections, but what grabbed our attention was the central piece of her latest collection; an off-white dress with accessory piece, both with organic shapes and interesting structures. This appeared to be the showpiece of her latest collection.


Zalando presented two racks with clothing and accessories of their summer collection, which is available on their website. They were made of soft, floating and light materials. The colours were mostly light pink, white and brown. The clothing fitted with the whole ambience.

During this event we had a short conversation with Zyanya about her latest collection, which will be shown the 10th of July at the Mercedes-Benz Amsterdam Fashion week. She told us she is involved with the ‘African albino foundation’. This wasn’t only her inspiration, because she also supports this foundation. She will auction some of her pieces and donate the proceeds.

This event was a start of the Uptown Fashion Shows, to get into the fashion week spirit. We are looking forward to the upcoming Uptown Fashion shows and after this event in particular Zyanya Keizer’s show.

Photos: Team Peter Stigter


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