The following post is written on January 27th, 2015. I wrote this post by myself for our website . This post is about fashion & society.

Today we have read an article about the differences between the menswear fashion weeks and the women wear fashion weeks. Apparently there are a lot of questions about the amount of people who come to the shows and also how many celebrities show up. Did you even know menswear fashion weeks existed? Well, they do.

The fashion weeks are coming to an end this edition. Thanks to, for instance Rick Owens; the menswear fashion week in Paris got a big boost and also more knowledge because of his peepholes. Men fashion is relatively less familiar than women’s fashion, but why? Is it because men are less interested in fashion? Mostly when people hear the word fashion, they think about women’s clothing, but the men do matter. 


Here at the Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week we noticed that the amount of menswear shows are few. Besides, the men collections are shown in the smaller spaces at the Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week. Most people are invited to the women’s collections where mostly women do show up. Men who come to the fashion shows are mostly androgynous; they wear heels, make-up and have long hair. 


Something that can be said about this remarkable fact is that the female collections are responsible for the biggest part of the turnovers the fashion brands depend on. So this is why the female collections get more attention and why they can be marked as ‘more important’- it’s a pure financial matter.

So the last question we ask you, what is really the intention of fashion weeks? Money, fame and attention or showing the real magnificent talents of designers?


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