The following post is written on January 26th, 2015. I wrote this post with a fellow student for our website . This post is about fashion & society.

Yesterday we saw different shows with unique designers, all with their own view on fashion and design. Despite their own vision, they all had one over-all thing in common: cultural influences. Propagating your roots or interest in other cultures is something that stood out today during the shows.

Marga Weimans went back to her Surinamese Roots with her documentary FASHION HOUSE. She showed true craftsmanship and paid attention to the whole creative process based on her culture. While culture creates an interesting mix, it also shows influences and a contrast between the actual roles of men and women. Was the fashion show of Army of me a battle or some kind of fight against the fact that men are often getting more and more feminine nowadays? Men do feel the need to protect themselves and also go back to their roots. Dennis Diem used also an iconic historical theme: Adam and Eve. He extricated how Lilith (the first woman God assigned to Adam) didn’t feel equivalent towards Adam. This story is where all actual cultural developments find their origin.

These developments between how countries collaborate with one and another can also lead to cultural chaos instead of similarities. This is where Frampesca has made good use of in her collection by using fabrics and patterns that had never met before. The vision of Frampesca is that diversity is essential and that it provides inspiration. What also can be said about collaborations between different cultures is that it makes designers independent as well as more reliant with each other.

Something that can be said is that cultural influences make developments happen but from time to time we want to go back to our roots and find inspiration in the origin.


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