The following post is written on January 28th, 2015. I wrote this post with a fellow student for our website . This post is about Pretty Wild Lingerie’s fashion show, during the Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week January 2015.

The show started, big white letters appeared on the screens saying: ‘Pretty Wild lingerie’. Thrilling music was pumping out of the speakers. The first model showed up on the catwalk. Dressed in a black with pink-laced corset and black with pink-strapped knee tights, full of confidence she walked down the catwalk. 

‘The concept is simple: it’s all about emotion and feelings wrapped up in a beautiful box.’  


The collection was an equal mix between romantic pieces of lace combined with sexy, edgy leather details. This mix exactly subscribes the way woman would like to feel nowadays. Women don’t want to be seen as sex symbols, but on the other hand they still do want to look attractive. This collection symbolized the perfect balance.

By wearing this kind of lingerie a woman can empathize better with some kind of sexiness she want to act like. The experience than becomes more real and increases their self-esteem. This is the reason why wearing several lingerie garments perfectly fit in with the experience economy.

Photos: Team Peter Stigter


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