The following post is written on January 27th, 2014. I wrote this with a fellow student for our website .

Today we went out for a walk into the city of Amsterdam, searching for people wearing an interesting outfit. It is finally getting colder in the Netherlands so we were really curious about the way men and women are dressing themselves these days. Will the colder weather affect their style? First we visited the Westergasterrein and next we visited the Haarlemmerplein to find out.


The first girl we noticed was walking down the Westergasterrein, she was wearing a really oversized printed coat and she was carrying a big camera with her. But the rest of her outfit was black, we asked her about the reason why.

“I always go for something comfortable to wear and it has to be black most of the time. I like black because I can match my bright lipstick with everything that I’m wearing. My signature is high waisted jeans en skirts. The coat I’m wearing is from a second hand shop.”


We spotted this young lady walking the streets with her friend, one thing that immediately caught our eye was her warm coloured yellow skirt.

“I love different kind of fabrics and textures, I like how they feel. My outfit has to be warm and comfortable. The colours of the outfit I’m wearing are bright but natural. Almost everything I’m wearing is vintage and second hand.”


When we continued our walk down the streets we spotted another fabulous lady. She was wearing all black and it looked like her clothes where draped around her body.

“Black would be my favourite colour in the world. It looks good on every occasion.
I think it’s important to look good, but above all my clothes have to feel comfortable. This type of weather is perfect to layer different items on your body. Beside the warmth of it, you can also add your own personal twist to it.”


This boy passed us and we asked him immediately if we could take a picture of his outfit. He was dressed in a complete black outfit. He draped his large collar around is head.

“Whenever I go out, I always wear black. It makes me feel safe and comfortable. I do wear colour but it’s occasionally, it will never be very bright.”

These people had a lot in common. They can definitely survive this winter, they find it very important that their outfit looks beautiful but it must fit and feel comfortable! Because these outfits consist of many different layers, it’s nice and warm. In addition they wear clothing made from soft and warm materials. We’ve asked ourselves a question in the beginning, ‘Will the colder weather affect their style?’ Well the answer is yes, but in a positive way. Oversized coats and scarves are really popular this season we see it everywhere. The clothing is made from soft and warm fabrics and almost everyone wears layers.


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