The following post is written on January 28th, 2014. I wrote this with a fellow student for our website .

Experience is getting more and more important for the visitors of the fashion weeks.  Interaction is something everyone is seeking for. Unfortunately most of the time it doesn’t go further than just watching the shows. During Amsterdam Fashion week we experienced more interaction by several fashion designers.

In spite of all the negative attention about the fashion bloggers, Tommy Hilfiger decides to do it a different way. Tommy Hilfiger organized the first runway INSTA.MEET during his show at New york fashion week. He invited 20 local New York Instagrammers to record his show. This is the perfect occasion to share your tips and tricks about Instagram.  “The initiative is a creative and relevant way to make viewing the show and participating in fashion a more democratic experience for fans.”
This is a way to involve ordinary visitors in the fashion show. It gives them the feeling that they are a part of the whole show. It happens more often. Even in our own country. During the ARTEZ fashion show 2014, visitors where invited to meet the collection. They had the change to feel the fabric with their own hands and smell the special fragrance that defines the smell of FASHION, made by perfume expert Tanja Deurloo. The fact that the visitor could really be with the collection made sure that every one experienced it more intensely.

Interaction played a very big role in the Downtown event of Matijs van Bergen and Borre Akkersdijk. Borre Akkersdijk gave a workshop before the event of Mattijs van Bergen began. Visitors had the chance to co-operate with Borre to be a part of his new collection. Mattijs placed six of his models next to six paintings of Van Gogh. You could clearly see Mattijs’s inspirational source. Because of the fact that you could be so close to the models and almost touch his designs, you could experience the Mattijs’s creativity.


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