Fashion Week January 2014: SMOKIN’ SHOW

The following post is written on January 28th, 2014. I wrote this post on my own about Dennis Diem’s Fashion Show during the Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week for our website . This show was by far my favorite during that edition of the Fashion week.

‘Dennis Diem’ appeared on the screen, smoke was coming from the catwalk. We could feel a mysterious atmosphere hanging around us. Everybody was silent and the first model appeared on the catwalk.


Dennis Diem’s collection mostly consisted of black and white tones, black was the dominant colour, and dark purple also came back a number of times. Again, his designs were very feminine and a bit rebellious. He brought back his signature several times: the sexy corsets. The silhouettes of the dresses were feminine and tight around the top body. The dresses were mysterious, dark and dreamy and on the other hand they were looking like princess dresses, very romantic with tulle and sequins. Pencil skirts got a more dramatic touch because they were worn with a beautiful mantle made from cashmere.


To give the designs a more dramatic image, the models wore all black sky-high shoes, 26 centimetres to be exact. (Which the models told us.) The guests were looking full of tension and admiration at the models, how they walked upon the long smoky catwalk.


There she goes, flat on her face. Shock! The whole crowd got a heart-attack, but in an acrobatic way, she stood up again while a man was trying to get her up (no need for that) and she walked further. Another model fell as well, she walked further like a ballet dancing swan. It was an act, because Dennis Diem is known for his impossible shoes, therefore he created this act in his fashion show. Dennis Diem ended his show hand in hand, with two of his princesses dressed in amazing white dream gowns.

Opium and the movement of smoke inspired Dennis’s amazing designs. The show was full of surprises, Diem’s signature strongly came forward.

Photos: Team Peter Stigter


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