The following post is written on January 25th, 2014. I wrote this with a fellow student for our website .

” Very admired Vincent, Mr. van Gogh, it is with slight trepidation that I am addressing you. Your work means the world to me ”.

 These were the first lines of the letter Mattijs van Bergen wrote to Vincent van Gogh.

The collection he showed a day earlier to the audience was inspired by the work of van Gogh, the Dutch painter who obtained world fame and now has a museum called after him.



During the event we could admire 6 models in the creations of Mattijs. To actually make the link between the work of van Gogh and Mattijs, the models stood in front of the paintings, which served as a source of inspiration. The models changed places, which meant a playful effect arose between the work and the paintings. It was a kind of game to discover which model related to which painting. The experience was intense because the clothing could be admired up close and you could almost touch the fabric. You could see every detail in the work of both artists close enough to admire them.


Fashion is seen as something superficial but it is often underestimated. Fashion might be a form of art that can serve as an inspiration. The special thing is that art and culture are often seen as something bigger. Mattijs shows us with this collection that fashion has a deeper layer and that this may even include history.

The event was really interactive, everyone had the opportunity to talk to Mattijs about his collection. You could notice that he was very open.


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