Downtown fashion week July 2014: NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS

The following post is written on July 11TH, 2014. I wrote this for the Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week’s website. Check it out here:

The seventh day of Zalando presents 10 Days Downtown at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was held in Dansmakers aan ‘t IJ, a little theatre in the north of Amsterdam. Fashion, music and dance came together last night.

The evening opened with a pianistic performance from Karel van Laere. When the lights went out, a white catwalk emerged in the room with black music notes made of rope. A sewing machine on top of the piano started to sew and Karel started to play the piano. Meanwhile a film was playing that slowly showed the notes being written whilst he played.

Afterwards we were taken to the back of the room where a show started by fashion designer Natalie de Koning. Three pairs of women were standing on the dance floor, holding each other tight, as if they couldn’t let each other go. Two women in the middle slowly started to dance; they were dressed in skin-toned underwear. The dance was intimate and got more intents and quicker by the minute. As the dance got more intents, the two other pairs dressed in clothes by Natalie de Koning, started to move slowly away from each other. They walked around on the dance floor so all the visitors were able to lay their eyes on Natalie’s designs. This dance performance was choreographies by Marie Goeminne.

As we turned around, a woman dressed in a design by Dennis Diem was sitting on another dance floor. Just a spotlight shining on her and smoke all around her gave it a mysterious vibe. The dress she was wearing was black with a corset of sequins and the massive skirt made of tulle. When the music started she stood up and got out of the dress. The black sky-high heels on her feet appeared, complicated shoes are one of Diem’s signatures. The dancer walked away from the dress and fell down. It looked like she broke her ankles but she threw her legs up in the air and got up again. This performance was mysterious and the woman danced like a beautiful black swan.

All the guests were drawn into the performances because of the engrossing atmosphere. This location fitted well with the performances and music, dance and last but not least, fashion came perfectly together last night.

Photos partly taken by me.

downtown7_3(1) downtown7(1) JULY2014 july20142


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