The following post is written on January 27th, 2014. I wrote this with a fellow student for our website .

For years, L’Oréal has been taking care of the hair during Fashion Week in Amsterdam. This year L’Oréal also had their own exclusive hair show to show the talent and creativity of their hairdressers. On the screen the words ‘The Rebirth of Hair’ appeared.

The show opened with the L’Oréal hairdressers themselves. With a live tutorial they showed the audience how fast a hairstyle can be changed to a whole different look. The converted hairstyles were, along with some other looks, shown during the fashion show. The models were dressed in black or completely covered in a look with silver and gold and hairstyles in different colors.

image-10 foto-2

Berni Ottjes makes his army ready live on the catwalk. We noticed that the men took over the roles of the woman, dressed in revealing clothes made of leather and lace. The men wore huge colored and teased wigs. At the end of Berni’s part a drag queen walked on to the catwalk with red colored curly hair including a big crown. Two men wearing nothing but a leather short and leather boots accompanied her.


Kinki Kappers’ army arrived on the catwalk. The army of Kinki cleared the way for the fairytale woman in colorful dresses and hairstyles. We noticed that the hairstyles of many models had a side cut and different colors were combined in one hairstyle. It felt like we had fallen through the rabbit hole and we arrived in the wonderland of Alice.

Balloons, flowers and candy cane colors, we arrived in L’Oréal’s Wonderland. After years of fighting, L’Oréal has its own wonderland here at the Amsterdam Fashion week. They definitely earned it.

Photos taken by me.


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