The following post is written on January 28th, 2014. I wrote this with a fellow student for our website .

Fragile bird, sparkling innocence

Expectations keep you stuck

A Nightingale in a cage, perfect

Move yourself within the limits

Hold on to the rules

Stand still, paradise is for you.

foto 4-1

As we walked in it felt like we walked into a magical fairy-tale forest, the birds whistled and the flowers were in bloom. A nightingale in a white dress took place behind a piano and she suddenly began to sing. She sang about the ‘prettiest girl of 28 years old’.

foto 2-5 foto 1-5

The models walked into the magic forest. They were dressed in short white dresses made of a satiny fabric with lots of glitters, puff sleeves and nude parts on their body. The white, sort of wedding dresses, changed into simple grey dresses. These changed again in dresses with plaid patterns with the colours red, green and black. A couple of these dresses had a plaid detail and lots of sequins. While the music changed, it seemed like the mad witch could appear any time now, but instead a model with a red coloured dress walked into the runway. The dresses were made in different kind of lengths and different sorts of fabric. Most of the dresses designs are made of tight silhouettes, but the fabrics fell elegantly down along the models bodies. Lovely detail was a bow at the back of some dresses. Striking was the fact that the dresses all had some similar details, but in a very different way.

foto 4-3foto 4-1

At first glance this show seems perfect. But the magic forest smelled like plastic and it seemed like the models where stuck, like a nightingale caged. The artificial forest symbolized the oppressive condition of our society. Where many people strive to perfection. “Whoever aims to perfection has unspoken expectations about others.” Edwin Oudshoorn wants to create more freedom in our society. Something we clearly saw in this new collection. All dresses were different but at the same time they all had similarities. They all had their own kind of beauty. Just like humans, we are all different, not perfect but someway beautiful.

Photos taken by me.


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