Autumn Love

Hello there,

This post is about me rambling on about things I love when autumn arrives. Slightly different but I love to share my thoughts about it with you and I hope some of you might recognize some of it as well.

It is November and autumn is finally here! This makes me so so happy, because autumn is my all time favorite time of the year (as well as winter time). Many people would probably wonder why? Well.. I will tell you why. I love cold weather, trees who turn red and orange, the falling autumn leaves, cold autumn and winter evenings where you can cuddle up in a cute warm blanket with hot chocolate and marshmallows. Cuddling with your love or friends in front of the fire place. Candles and cute fairy lights lighten up your home, being all cozy and smelling delicious. Early dark evenings are just so delightful and cozy.

Not to forget about my BIRTHDAY coming up in about three weeks, Sinterklaas (a dutch holiday), CHRISTMAS and NEW YEARS EVE!
So many exciting holidays to look forward to.

I LOVE candles, I know different candles and candle brands. The moment it gets a little bit colder.. my candles are burning. I love scented candles most, for example vanilla, coconut and the christmas’ ones. Another important aspect for me is the packaging, the way they look. I have a weakness for cute packaged or potted candles. I love the way they look together on a plate in my room or single on my bedside table or on my desk while I’m writing.

These two are from Ikea: blue one is coconut lime and the white one is vanilla!

These two are from Ikea: blue one is coconut lime and the white one is vanilla!

Besides the holidays, candles and cold nights, I think that the autumn/winter fashion is the most exciting and beautiful fashion of all seasons. I just love layering my clothing, wearing blouses with warm oversized knitted sweaters. The softest cardigans with a length till my ankles, capes and the wide diversity of autumn/winter coats. Don’t forget the accessories like shawls and beanies and hats in all shapes and sizes. Also this time of the year in fashion land, the fabrics are divers. Leather, fake leather, faux fur, fur, wool, cashmere etc. etc. The colors this season are also gorgeous. On my wish list are: dark purple, mustard, dark green, grey and black of course.

Make-up wise it’s the same story. Dark lips, purple, brown, dark red, I absolutely love it!

I could ramble on about my love for autumn/winter fashion for hours, but i’ll spare you.

In a matter of fact, I’ll upload my first outfit post very soon! In a wholly autumnal atmosphere, that’s for sure! (And maybe more ;))

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


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