Mother Nature Designs


I visited Paris two weeks ago and I went to the Hermes Concept Store on the Rue de Sevres. A very interesting store and concept, the store’s interior is absolutely beautiful. There are so many details in this Hermes store. I didn’t know where to look. There were several details in the interior that caught my eye. I’m still very impressed with this store, even though all the clothes and things were too expensive for my bank account.


The wooden details everywhere is the first thing that caught my eye, several furniture and details made of wood in all shapes and sizes. Especially the two huge raindrop shaped open spaces inside the Hermes concept store, made of wood. Organic shapes, it had to do something with Mother Nature.

This made me think of a fashion show at the London Fashion Week last week. Unfortunately I wasn’t there, but some day I will! The young fashion designer Hakaan Yildirim designed a collection based on bumblebees, another beautiful phenomenon of Mother Nature. All the clothes, most of them were dresses, had something to do with bumblebees or their home. The environment and Mother Nature are also important to fashion designers.

H+Hakaan+Yildirim+Spring+2015+Collections+1LrjfLJAuxel H+Hakaan+Yildirim+Spring+2015+Collections+nEAplWhG5Vwl tumblr_nc47sszjW71qga2zyo1_500

The Hermes concept store and the Spring/ Summer 2015 collection designed by Hakaan Yildirim do have something in comment, nature and organic shapes and sizes.

A signal worth keeping your eyes on.


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