My RealTechniques Make-up Brushes

Hello there and welcome,

Today I’m going to talk to you about make-up brushes; this will be a beauty related blog post. I thought a lot about what my first post would be, I wasn’t really sure. Then I realized I should write about something that I use and love a lot. Make-up brushes! So that’s what I’m going to do.

RealTechniques, the name says it all. I’ve heard so many things about these brushes and I needed to get them. But I live in The Netherlands and we don’t have as many make-up brands as the USA or the UK for example. So they were really hard to find here, BUT I DID and I’m very very happy with them!

You can have great make-up but I believe, without good quality brushes, you’ll never get a good result as when you also have high quality brushes to apply your make-up with. It was a long journey before I found these lovely’s, welcome to the family!

The RealTechniques brushes are not expensive at all and that’s definitely a plus. These brushes are extremely soft and there are many different shapes and sizes to fulfill all your needs. Another plus is the fact that my make-up won’t be sticking onto my RealTechniques brushes compared to other brushes I own. I’m looking forward to start using more of them!

Thank you Chapman sisters! Make sure you’ll check out their website and tutorials here (if you haven’t already).

I bought my brushes at Boqz, a store in Eindhoven. You can order them on a lot of webshops but I prefer to buy them in a real store. 

Thank you for reading!


4 Pack

4 Pack

foto 2

Buffing – Contour – Pointed foundation – Detailer


Bronzer (I use it for blush)


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