Cork your home


It becomes more popular these days, homemade or restyled furniture. But also organic furniture and furniture or houses made of sustainable materials. But why is this happening these days?

We become more aware of the nature around us, sustainability is a priority these days and very popular in- and outside. Besides all the urban farms, the interior world changed as well. Homemade/restyled furniture and organic furniture are fun to make, you can do it with your neighbor. There are also lots of workshops popping up; “Restyle your old furniture, make it fun”.

Cork wall

Cork wall

What is it?
Cork is a sustainable product. It comes from the bark of trees. Cork is usable for many different furniture and accessories in your interior. But what makes Cork so sustainable? There are different reasons why. I will tell you these reasons in the next paragraph.

Why is it cool?
The cool part about Cork is the part where they cut the bark of the trees. The bark grows back. So we don’t have to cut the trees, we just have to shave them. Which means that we can use the tree several times. This is better for the environment.

Another thing about Cork is the possibility to recycle it and use it over and over again for different things. If you’re getting bored with your chair made of cork, just recycle it and design your own cork table or even a wall made of cork.

Why does it have future growth potential?
So I told you the facts around the sustainable aspects of Cork. Using more Cork as furniture and accessories will help the world to safe trees and keep the environment intact.

Kitchen Cork

Kitchen Cork

Quality of Life
Organic furniture and furniture made of sustainable materials (for example: cork) will give people a great feeling, a feeling of satisfaction. Why? Because they are able to help the environment. This stimulates the emotional wellbeing of people. They feel satisfied because of their cool new interior while they are helping the environment.

I found cool cork inspiration on this website and don’t forget to check out this website for cool designs made of random materials.


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