New ways for more green


Sustainability is everywhere, but in so many different ways. That’s really good because this means that many people are thinking about ways to improve their sustainable way of life.

What is it?
Urban Farms are evolving in the cities; there is less space to grow your own vegetables so we have to think about creative solutions. People want to grow their own food as well these days because they don’t know what to believe anymore, there isn’t enough transparency about food rules. So let’s go back to basic and do it yourself.



Why is it cool?
Creative Urban Farms and ‘Pop Up gardens’ are cool because you can take your garden everywhere with you. It’s healthy, transparent (because you grow your veggies your own) and sustainable as well. There are a lot of creative ways to keep your urban garden, on top of the roofs of flats and houses, or on top of a driving buss, on your balcony etc.

Why does it have future growth potential?
Cities will grow and become more modern as they are right now. Which means we have to make some room for green. So a garden on top of a roof is smart. If you’re having a work break you can visit the roof and cut some fresh lettuce for your sandwich for example. A pop up garden will come and go, everybody will be busy in the future so you don’t have the full responsibility of the garden but people can do it together.

Quality of Life
Being busy with a personal or publican garden has a big influence on the quality of life. Gardening together has impact on the social wellbeing of people because Urban Farms and Pop up gardens provides social connection, health and energy security (physical wellbeing), but also satisfaction (emotional wellbeing).

In our future world where sustainability is a must, there will be a lot of apartments like ‘The Ark’ and ‘Pop Up Gardens’ in the cities.


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