Nature friendly packaging


We all know that we throw away to much food and we easily throw the packaging away on the streets. I found different signals that predict food waste and help against nature pollution. More and more eatable and naturally degradable products are invented.

What is it?
Paper and other materials, but not just the usual packaging materials like plastic for example. Nature friendly packaging is designed to place it into the ground or eat it along with your burger. It sounds a bit weird maybe, but very handy.

Why is it cool?
It’s cool because we all still remember the days when we were little and wanted to eat paper (well I did).. It’s possible these days and it tastes fine. Bob’s Burger for example, you order your burger and eat it with the paper around it. The paper tastes like the burger itself and you don’t have to throw away paper that isn’t barely used.

It’s your birthday and you unpacked your presents and there is wrapping paper all over the place, probably recognizable, it will all be thrown away. But you have to keep the wrapping papers with vegetables or flowers on it, because they have seeds digests in them. Put the wrapping paper into the ground, give them a bit of water and you grow your own groceries or flowers. This is cool because there will be less paper waste, thank you Eden’s Paper.

Eden's Paper

Eden’s Paper

Why does it have future growth potential?
Nature friendly packaging has definitely future growth potential because there will be a lot less waste and this has a positive influence on the environment. 

Quality of Life
Nature friendly packaging has influence on the social and emotional wellbeing of people because gardening has a positive influence on people. And people feel satisfied because they contribute to a clean environment and a healthier earth.


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