Creating different ways of energy sources

Hello world,

Solar energy, wind energy, a hand-woven bamboo water collector, these are all nature friendly ways to get your energy or catch your water. I think most of us are familiar with solar energy etc. This development has been going on for a while now, but the different signals I found are creative ways to produce this nature friendly energy. Signals with a cool factor. With all these developments we are able to improve our precious earth and keep her healthy.

This coolhunt down here is an example from what I found.

 What is it?
The Living wall is a sustainable sound barrier wall, placed along the side of a highway. But it’s not a regular one, people are able to live inside The Living Wall. This project is from NarrativA architects. The sound barrier protects the surrounding residential areas against noise pollution. But The Living Wall purifies the air polluted by road users and other bad influences.

The Living Wall

The Living Wall

Why it is cool?
I believe this is a really cool initiative because we can start using the boring and ugly sound barriers in a new creative way, which helps us, improve the environment as well. Students or other people are able to live in the sound barrier and you won’t even have noise pollution. Plus, the sound barrier impels the energy for the houses inside.

Why does it have future growth potential?
The Living Wall creates a new place to live in. Another important thing is the fact that it uses solar energy to impel energy and The Living Wall purifies the air in- and outside. These are all environmental friendly ways to improve mother earth. It’s sustainable and clean, just what we need in the future.

Quality of Life
In our future world, people love helping out Mother Nature. This has impact on our physical wellbeing because our health will improve if we better the world’s environment. It has also impact on development and activity. People are thinking more about maintaining their solar peddles for example instead of heating their home with unhealthy gasses.


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