Create a healthy environment by buying a bike

Hi there,

There are different aspects needed to improve a healthy sustainable environment. The way we transport ourselves is one of those aspects. I found many different bikes that contribute to a better environment. But bikes are not the only way to transport yourself without sending bad emissions into the air. I discover more and more electric cars every day and that’s a good thing. These signals are evolving themselves.

I see a future full of different bikes and other transportation ways that have a good influence on the environment. For example: E-bikes as well as bikes where you can charge your phone while you’re cycling, but also electric cars and electric busses with little gardens on top of the roof. These means of transport have no bad emissions; this will lead to a cleaner air and a healthier earth.

What is it?
The bamboo bikes made and designed by Blackstar are a new sustainable way to move you around and through the city. Blackstar is in co-creation with Ghana. This product is Fair-trade and transparent.

Bamboo bike frame

Bamboo bike frame

Why is it cool?
This bamboo bike is cool because it’s made of bamboo. And bamboo grows back again after they cut the trees. This makes bamboo sustainable. This product is also cool because the locals in Ghana are helping out, which means their life improves.

Why does it have future growth potential?
The bike’s frame is made of bamboo; this is better for the environment than regular bikes. When more and more people start using these bikes, fewer cars will be needed. This improves the air we have to inhale and exhale.

Quality of Life
You not only cycle on a beautiful cool bike made of a sustainable product, you also help the local people in Ghana. Buying a bamboo Blackstar bike has influence on the material wellbeing of people because they bought something new and that makes them happy. It has also a big influence on the social and emotional wellbeing because of buying this bike; people support the locals in Ghana. This will lead to satisfaction.


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