Hi there,

I read an article about SLA recently. Settled in our beautiful capital, Amsterdam. It immediately caught my eye and I was very curious about the concept.

What is it?
SLA is a restaurant in Amsterdam. They serve salades, different kind of fresh juices, soup and healthy snacks. The products are biological and sustainable. The products and ingredients they use for their recipes are region products, the wines and beers for example. Their mission is to use pure and tasty ingredients to make exciting courts.

Choose your SLA!

Choose your SLA!

Why is it cool?
It’s cool because they use pure and biological products. Even the meat and poultry are biological.

Moreover, you can compose your own salade as well. You can eat your yummy salade in the restaurant, or you can take it home with you.

SLA is not only a restaurant, but they give workshops as well.



Why does it have future growth potential?
Sla has definitely future growth potential because the society these days wants healthy and organic food. SLA gives you that.

They also have an transparent kitchen, so when they are making your salade, you can watch them make it yourself through the window. The origin of the products are mentioned above the courts. The brewery where the beer comes from for example. The guests know where the products come from, how they’re made and what they eat. Just what we need!

The link to their website and Facebook are linked down below.
I’m planning to visit SLA very soon, I’ll let you know about my thoughts!



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