Share your leftovers

Hello there,

Do you know the feeling? You’re hungry, but you don’t have enough money to buy yourself a whole meal at the supermarket and you don’t actually have time to cook yourself a meal. The LeftoverSwap is your solution! Are you already interested? Keep reading!

What is it?
The LeftoverSwap is an app with two functions. It’s made for people who want to have a fast dinner and don’t want to pay much for it. Just open your LeftoverSwap, view the possibilities in your neighborhood, choose one of the leftovers and make an arrangement to pick it up or let it deliver.

The other function is for the ones who want to get writ of their own leftovers, but don’t want to throw it away with their trash. What you have to do is to make a picture of your leftover, give it a name, post it and share it with others. Before you know one of your neighbors will ring the doorbell.

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Why is it cool?
It’s really cool because it’s a way to prevent more and more food waste. This is really important these days because too many companies and households throw away their leftovers or products, to easily. This is not necessary; I see it happening all the time in the supermarket where I work! Another reason is the social aspect; this app brings you into contact with known and unknown. This lowers the threshold for people who don’t have much money to buy food and those who are ashamed about that. The app is available for everybody who ones a smartphone or iPad for example. So it’s not reachable for everybody who needs it.

Why does it have future growth potential?
Like I said before, it’s a way to prevent more and more food waste. This is a good thing. Transparency… The LeftoverSwap tackles down food waste, because users can share their leftovers with others. You can find the person with a leftover on the map precisely. There are no secrets, people have full sight in what they are going to eat, what it’s made of, where they can pick it up and from who it is. It is a fun and affective way to share your leftovers.

So everybody, stop the food waste and share your leftovers!

Thanks for reading!


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