HAPIfork happydays

Hello readers,

Eat slowly. Lose weight. Feel great!

What is it?
HAPIfork, an electronic fork that warns you when you’re eating to fast and tells you you’re doing great when you’re eating right. It vibrates when you’re eating to fast. This fork helps you with losing weight. It counts down the time you need for one bite. When you bring food to your mouth from your plate with your fork, it’s called “fork serving”. What you need is the fork, a smartphone or tablet and the last thing you need to start using this is the HAPIfork app.

Why is it cool?
It’s really important to eat clean and healthy, for your body and mind. This fork will help you to eat slow, eating slow is very important. Scientific studies proved that the faster you eat, the more you eat. So you will gain weight faster.

The HAPIfork app saves every meal you eat with the HAPIfork, so you can see what you ate, where you ate, how many calories your meal had and how fast you ate.

Colorful HAPIfork

Colorful HAPIfork

Why does it have future growth potential?
It has future growth potential because everything about this fork is transparent. And transparency is exactly what people want in this society. You can follow everything you eat, like a personal trainer for food.

Like I said before, you know how many times you ate, what you ate and where you ate. So you’ll have full sight in your eating pattern and you’re able to change it and live more healthy. The HAPIfork could be a healthy option for many people who are heavy.

The HAPIfork will also make a change in the quality of life of people. If it really works and people are able to change their eating pattern, lose weight and live healthy because of the transparency of the fork. Their quality of life will change in a positive way. They will be able to do more fun things in life with their family and friends.



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