Your dining buddy

Hello lovely readers,

It’s been a while but today I’m going to tell you about your dine buddy, it’s called ‘Eetmaatje’ in dutch. First I will start by telling you what kind of product this is, if you keep reading I will explain it to you.

What is it?
The dining buddy or ‘Eetmaatje’ is a measuring cup for food like pasta and rice. It’s made for one till two persons. It’s an easy way to measure your food, because of the dine buddy people who have to cook for one or more persons won’t waste much food. The measuring cup is precisely adjusted to measure a portion for one or two persons. A measuring cup based on portions is unique, one of a kind.



Why is it cool?
It’s cool because ‘Eetmaatje’  is an easy tool for example, cooking a portion rice or pasta. The measuring cup shows you exactly how much you need for one or two persons. In addition, it ensures that you won’t cook too much and you don’t throw away too much food. Eventually ‘Eetmaatje’ is a good tool to help the environment, your wallet and your health.

Why does it have future growth potential?
Because of ‘Eetmaatje’ and also among other things, it’s clear for many how we all can contribute to reduce the waste of food. And besides, not everyone is aware of the proper amount of pasta and rice they need to cook for one person. Cooking over feeling doesn’t go well by many. Rice and pasta become larger and heavier during the cooking process. This isn’t taken into account before people measure the products.

This is where transparency comes in. People get full visibility into the amounts they eat and the amounts they should eat, the amounts who are good for their health. Because ‘Eetmaatje’ is created, designed and made in cooperation by the Nutrition Centre and Albert Heijn, the measurements are correct.


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