Different ideals of beauty

Hi guys,

I visited Amsterdam Fashion week last week and there were different things that struck me on the catwalk. There were very long models, older models, skinny models, models with feminine shapes and models from different ethical groups. What I’ve seen was that there was more diversity in the models pick. It’s a good thing! Right?
Maison the faux, one by one, the models entered the room but not only young girls, but men in similar outfits as well and there were a couple models with an older age entering the room. There are no differences between the clothing for men and women that they designed. We see it more often, more diversity of models in fashion shows. It looks like the designers are trying to show us real beauty, real men and woman. We all want to stay young, pretty and skinny in our society, but that is not what real beauty is.

“Gender and generalize is very important in fashion.” Joris Suk says.

It’s cool because the designers who allowed all these different models on the catwalk, made a statement. A statement that says: it doesn’t matter how old you are or if you’re a men or a woman. It was a statement for gender blending and age fading. Because of using all these different kind of models, more men and woman will recognize themselves in fashion. Well maybe this will lead to the arising of more freedom in fashion land.

Maison the Faux - aged model

Maison the Faux – aged model

Future growth potential? Yes, aiming to perfection in this world is exhausting for many people. So using different shaped, aged and gendered models will stand out by many and may have an influence. I think that this changing will not last very long, fashion is changing all the time as well as the thoughts and statements behind it. Appearance has a lot of influence on people, conscious and unconscious.


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