Daddy’s day

Hello there,

Femininity and Masculinity are two very important terms. It’s all about women and men, what they do, what they wear, how they act and their way of life. While I was watching television, Ikea’s commercial was broadcast. I immediately noticed the message that was processed in the commercial. You will find out more about this message if you keep reading.

What is it?
So, Ikea launched a new commercial recently, it’s called ‘buurt papa dag’ in dutch, which means ‘neighborhood daddy day’. The roles and hierarchy between men and woman is changing, this is happening for a while now. This is the reason why Ikea’s commercial on the TV stood out for me. The message is that there are more and more daddy’s who will stay home to babysit the children instead of the mother. But not only their own one, they also babysit children from others. This is a whole different story than we’re familiar with. In the history the mother was always the one to stay home and babysit the children.

Watch Ikea’s commercial right here:

Why is it cool?
Let me say it this way, woman are going to rule the world! Well men, don’t be afraid and don’t feel disrespected because we will still need you with many things. 
Ikea shows the world that men and woman become more equal in the household nowadays, at least it’s less traditional than it used to be. Femininity goes hand in hand with feminism. In this commercial the mother leaves the house for work after she gave her children and husband a kiss. Daddy stays home to watch his children and also from others. After a long day the mother comes home from work and the dad played games with the children, all day long.

Does it have future growth potential?
Commercials and campaigns like these are broadcast more and more these days. This prospective is changing for a while now. It has future growth potential because woman are fighting for equal rights all over the world for centuries. This process will proceed. Using short films and images has more impact on people instead of using words only.


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