A return to a more natural state

“After years of razors, wax and lasers reducing pubic hair to the bareminimum – or nothing at all – there’s a return to a more natural state.” In our society we’re all aiming for perfection. But what is perfection and beauty actually these days?

What is it?
In the shop window of the American Apparal shop on the East Houston Street in New York City, there are placed a couple mannequins. Those aren’t ordinary mannequins, but they are dressed in lingerie including pubic hair on private parts. There was a lot of speculation about it. Would this campaign confront the world about real ‘natural beauty’ with this American Apparal point of view statement?

Pubic hair

Pubic hair

Why is it cool?
I think it’s cool because it’s a statement against perfection in our society. Yes, with this campaign they let people think about a natural body and beauty besides that. I’ve never seen those mannequins in shop windows before. People have a distorted image of beauty nowadays. The media and celebrities are two sources that have a large influence on it.

Does it have future growth potential?
This campaign has future growth potential because like I said before, it’ll let people think about the natural appearance and beauty of woman. It’s understandable why everybody has different thoughts about it, because of the way how they feel comfortable. If there will be more campaigns like this, there will be a possibillity for a break through of the disorted image about beauty in this society.

“A return to a more natural state.”


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