‘Is it a man or is it a woman?’ ‘It’s a human being.’

Hello everyone,

I was watching America’s next top model on the television last week. There was one thing that struck me. One of the participants had the looks of a boy, but she was actually a girl. You see a lot of androgynous models in the fashion world lately, for example in TV commercials, campaigns or on the runway. I visited the Amsterdam Fashion Week yesterday, I went to the Fashion Theatre Downtown. I found a androgynous model in a design of MarryMe- JimmyPaul SS2014. It’s fascinating how quickly the number of androgynous models in the fashion world is growing.

What is it?
There is often asked: ‘Is it a man or is it a woman?’ Well.. the answer is, it’s a human being with beautiful shapes or the right bone structure, it’s the perfection of two merged physical characteristics. The models are possessing the qualities and the looks that are both male as female. One of the most famous androgynous model at the moment is Andrej Pejic. He walks in fashion shows as a female and a male. In fact, he was the model in the push-up bra campaign for HEMA.

Andrej Pejic and

Andrej Pejic and Erika Linder

Why is it cool?
It’s something new in fashion land, it gives male and female models with the androgynous looks a bigger opportunity to break through and fit in. Another reason why it is cool is because the androgynous models can be used as male or female in both male and female campaigns for fashion. Besides, it softens the borders between the two sexes. More people can be who they want to be and express themselves even more and more. There are special modeling agencies for these models.

Does it have future growth potential?
I think the rising amount of androgynous models won’t last endlessly, but it has definitely potential for now and a couple years. Because the world of fashion is always trying to find something new like, new trends, new designers, new models, new inspiration. This will never stop, so the androgynous model trend won’t last for ever. I think, in a couple years something else is hot and happening and this trend will faid away. It sounds depressing but I think there is a high probability that this is the truth.

A couple androgynous models with a great career at the moment:
1.Andrej Pejic
2. Willy Cartier
3. Erika Linder
4. Agyness Deyn
5. Harmony Boucher
6. Kristina Salinovic
7. Jana Knauerova
8. David Chiang
9. Sarah Whale

They’re worth it to take a look!

Thank you for reading my blog.


One thought on “‘Is it a man or is it a woman?’ ‘It’s a human being.’

  1. Dag Judith,

    Leuk om dit artikel te lezen. Blij verrast als ik iedere keer de onderwerpen lees. Tof!


    Papa x

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

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