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In this post you will read about Verizon, an American telecom company that’s launching superstores. Sounds fun!

What is it?
Verizon is, like I said, a telecom company. You can do a lot of things in these stores, they have cool gadgets and different zones. People get the chance to test their devices and to hang out. If you like sports for example, you can go to the “Get Fit” zone and there will be an expert who can explain everything about the products and gadgets. If you’re interested in music than you can visit the “Amplify It” zone, you can listen to music with friends or be a DJ. In every zone will be an expert to learn people more about their products. The zones will change seasonally, so there will be something for everyone. Their first store will open in Minnesota.

Why is it cool?
Verizon is partners with many different companies, that’s why there are so many different zones as well. It will be a whole experience for costumers when they visit the superstores. While you’re shopping or just hanging out there to test all the devices, you will also learn a lot about the gadgets. Most of the people don’t know half about all the things their tablet, for example, is able to do. People are able to enjoy their selves here for a whole day!

Why does it have future growth potential?
These superstores will last a very long time because the assortment changes constantly and gadgets will develop in the future. It’s exciting for many different people with a wide range of interests. Costumers can always visit the Verizon stores because the zones will change seasonally, it’s also possible to order online. You can test devices, ask questions about your own gadget or something you like to buy in the store and a really important thing… enjoy yourself while you’re there!

Verizon wireless superstore

Verizon wireless superstore


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