Sign language rings to help with communication

Hi everybody,

I found something really interesting that I want to share with you. The Sign language ring! Keep reading if you want to know what I’m talking about.

What is it?
The Sign language ring helps deaf people to communicate better with others. The Sign language ring contains a bracelet and a set of rings, the rings should be worn on different fingers. The rings (these are connected with the bracelet) detects the sign language and the bracelet translates these motions to voice or into text that appears on the bracelet. With this product it’s possible for deaf people to communicate easier with everybody. It’s also possible to pre-record movements.

Sign language rings

Sign language rings

Why is it cool?
I think this is really cool because it will help a lot of deaf people to communicate with good hearing people. There will be less misunderstandings and it’s really easy to use. With the Sign language ring deaf people can easily talk to others who are not familiar with sign language. Sign language ring is designed in a way that the rings fit into the bracelet after use.

Why does it have future growth potential?
This product definitely has future growth potential because (like I said before) it helps people with communication and it makes a great gesture. It won the Reddot design award 2013. There will always be deaf people on our planet so this product can keep developing and growing in the future. It’s easy to use and easy to take with you.

How it works

How it works

I hope you found this blog post and product just as interesting as I did.

Thank you!



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