Move for the music

Hello readers,

I’ve been to Brightday yesterday, in Amsterdam. It was smaller than I expected but it was fun. I’ve seen many different new technology like a 3D printer and I played with the xbox one with kinect. But there was one thing that stood out for me and I found it pretty cool. It’s a design called Experio designed by students from the Technical University Eindhoven.

What is it?
I quote “Experio is an interactive installation where people can use sensory laser light as a musical instrument”. Depending on how many people dance in de laser light different beats will arise and the faster people dance, the faster the music will go. The moderator in the middle of the platform mixes all the beats and sounds that the dancing people are creating into a song.

Move it!

Move it!

Why is it cool?
The people on the dance floor are responsible for the music, because you have to dance for the music. It’s a fun way to bring people together. People are entertaining each other and themselves as well. People are challenged  to start dancing. It’s a whole new experience, I experienced it myself at Brightday and it was really cool.

Why does it have future growth potential?
Experio is a new way of entertaining people and people are challenged to interact with each other and with the dance floor to create music together. You and all the people around you are responsible for the music, so maybe the non dancers will start moving their feet as well!

I hope Experio will be introduced to clubs and events so we can all enjoy ourselves with a little dance.


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