Cool glasses

Hi everyone,

In this blog post I’m going to tell you more about Google Glass. But..

What is it?

Google glass is a new gadget where you can experience a lot of cool things with. These glasses are like a smartphone but than on your nose. There are many possibilities, you can easily send messages and e-mails to your friends while it appears in your view. The Google glasses work with voice recognition so you just have to say “send a message”. Easy right? You can ask about the weather or information about a building for example. It’s also possible to make a call, live stream, play music and so much more. Google glass contains a camera, a touch pad on the side, gyroscopes, a compass, different radio’s and microphones, a USB charger port and a little speaker. Google glass continues to develop.

Google Glass

Google Glass

Why is it cool?
Google glass is like a computer that you put on your nose. Without holding anything and just asking one question, a world opens up to you with all the possibilities (I wrote in the beginning) and also all the information that you need. And the cool thing is that it appears in your glasses right in front of you! The design is extremely light and you can use your Google glass while the sun is shining bright as well.

Why does it have future growth potential?
Everybody can use these glasses, because of all the possibilities it has. There is information for everybody and it’s really easy to use. You will keep experiencing new things with the Google glass. Because it keeps developing the product will be capable of more things in the future and it will last for a long time.


For more information check out the official website.
A similar product to the Google glass are the Meta space glasses.


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