Colour me shave, for a memorable morning!

Hi everybody,

You’re probably wondering what this blog post is about. ‘Colour me shave, for a memorable morning’ ? Well, I believe this is a more interesting post for all the men out there. But it’s actually quite funny. Shaving your face everyday over and over again (unless you want to grow a beard of course), is not the most entertaining activity for men at the beginning of the day. Think about it, you’re standing there, in the bathroom in front of the mirror, scraping your face with boring white foam until every stubble is gone. I’ve got something for you that will make it a lot more fun!

What is it?
It’s called Colour me shave by Liz Laurie. This shaving gel is smooth and retains their colour during the whole shaving process. The shaving gel is available in the colours: blue, green, orange, purple and pink. While you’re using it, the gel will hydrate your skin as well as it prevents friction, irritations and razor burn. This gel contains natural products such as Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel extracts. According to the official website the products are all ‘dermatologically tested and cosmetically certified’. So this new shaving gel takes care of your skin while you’re shaving and you can experience your own story and adventure with it! The experience is in the product itself.

Orange shaving gel

Orange shaving gel

Why is it cool?
The cool part about this shaving gel are the colours their are available in. This product isn’t like all the other shaving products, the colour retains during the whole time while men are shaving. This shaving gel takes car of your skin as well as it will make shaving much easier for men. With your own creative imagination and a little help from Colour me shave, it’s possible to turn yourself into a blue Smurf or a green monster and many other things.

Why has this shaving gel future growth potential?
This coloured shaving gel has future growth potential because men will wake up with a smile, smiling is very important and healthy. People find products and other things in life more fun with entertainment. With the Colour me shave you can create your own entertainment and story, every morning a different colour for more fun.

Colour me shave

Colour me shave


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