Just a little message: ‘Cozy times’

Hello there,

It’s finally getting colder here in the Netherlands. I can tell you, not everybody is happy with this weather but I certainly am! The leaves are already falling from the trees, we just have to wait until the snow comes falling down. But that might take a while. You know what this means right? It’s time to wear your lovely warm sweaters and get your cute hats and scarfs out of your closet! Autumn and winter are my two favorite seasons when it comes to clothes and holidays. I love to wear layers during these cold days.  My birthday is coming up soon (the end of november) and a month after my birthday my absolute favorite holiday….CHRISTMAS!


I love drinking tea or hot chocolate with a cozy blanket and candles by my side, while I’m relaxing on the couch or in my bed.

“Cold, cozy nights, warm blankets & hot chocolate.”
This sounds perfect! 


Coolhunts will be on my blog soon!

Bye bye.


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