Splashlight hair: hot or horror?

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Splashlight the new ombre?

Splashlight the new ombre?

I’ve got a new hair trend for you. Sounds fun right? Well, this new hair trend is called ‘splashlight‘. Ombre and dip dye hair were hot and happening last year. I have to admit, I still love it and I’m not the only one. But there are rumors about the splashlight hair trend. Will it be the new ombre? Let me tell you more about it.

What is it exactly?
Splashlights are a new highlighting technique. Creating a horizontal band of bleached hair from ear to ear.
What you create is the illusion of you standing in the spotlights. I spotted this hair trend on Aura Friedman’s Instagram and Tumblr for the first time. The first time I saw it I found it a bit strange, but pretty COOL!

I quote Aura’s explanation about the splashlight hair trend: ‘It’s an effect that involves painting bleach onto a small horizontal section of hair, starting with the undermost layers, then covering all the hair above and below the stripe with a colour close to your natural shade.’

Who is Aura Friedman?
Aura Friedman is a hairdresser who lives in New York City. But she isn’t an ordinary hairdresser, she is an artist. Aura’s celebrity clientele is growing very fast. Read her full bio here.
Make sure you check out here WebsiteInstagramTumblr and Twitter.

Aura Friedman

Aura Friedman

Before you leave my blog,
I would like you to fill in this poll about this new hair trend.


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