Remember your dreams with the SHADOW app

Hello everybody,

Do you recognize that feeling when you wake up and you had a really special dream? But a just a tiny moment later you’re already forgotten that dream. 95% of the dreams that we have, we forget after a couple minutes. Not anymore, with the SHADOW app it will be possible to remember them. How? Keep reading!

What is it?
Hunter Lee Soik and Jason Carvalho have created the SHADOW app. This app is launched on the 17th of september 2013. The Shadow app is an alarm clock. This alarm clock will gradually wake you up. (How nice?) Immediately after you wake up you will speak or type where you dreamed about or you will start answering questions about it. After a while patterns emerge. The dreams will be saved in a database and everything will be organized so major themes and trends can be identified. You can decide whether you want to share your dreams with the world or to keep them to yourself. Shadow also investigates your sleep rhythm.



Why is it cool?
With this app you will remember your dreams, of course only the dreams you want to remember. When your dream patterns emerge, questions will be answered and you will know why you’re dreaming about all those things. The differences between cultures and generations emerge as well, that’s very interesting! Together we are able to build a global web of dreams.

Before they can realize this app, we need to donate money so this app can be introduced on the market. So if you want to read more about the cool SHADOW app on their website, or if you want to donate money to them, make sure you click these links: Realize the SHADOW app and discover!

Remember your dreams

Remember your dreams

Thank you for reading my blog!


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