Nike’s Making app for a better environment

Hi there,

In this blog post I want to tell you more about a Sustainability app made by Nike. Now your question might be, what is a Sustainability app and how does it work? You will find the answers to these questions if you keep reading!

What is it?
The name of this app is called ‘Making’. This app is made by Nike, Nike created ‘Making’ together with students of the College of Fashion Centre for Sustainable Fashion in London. This app is made to help designers to select more environmently prefered materials for their designs. Designers are now able to make the right decisions and choose the most sustainable materials because of the information ‘Making’ gives them. The information comes from the Nike Materials Sustainability Index (MSI), a massive database full of research. The evironmental influences of the materials are based on four areas: chemistry, water use, energy and waste. So you just click on a material, for example leather, and the app will show you how much water you need to produce leather, or how much energy it will cost.

Nike's Making app

Nike’s Making app

Why is it cool?
You can download this app for free in iTunes, so this app is available for everybody. For you and me as well! ‘Making’ will learn designers but also companies who are involved with textiles and fashion more about materials and more about the environmental impact they have in the world. Because of this they will be more aware to choose for the most sustainable materials. They are now able to make better products for a better world. It’s an easy but also a fun way to make people all over the world more aware of sustainable materials.




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